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  • together we already have 120. So you need 130 more.

    • nono!! Please keep your akorns! :cryingr: you're too sweeett

    • you also helped me without knowing, that shows you were the kindest <3 Don't worry, I'm jobless and post a lot. My guild won't bother as well. So far we've got 174. 76 to go.

    • I got the badge but it's not showing up lol I replied to the message and said I wan't Choi Yena but I'm not sure if that would work or not lol

  • Love noooo. Get your akrons back, I already got mine thanks to Ripia.

    • Oh! I didn't notice lol tysm bestie! <3333

    • No problem. If you need your own, I'll be farming today and I can help begging rich users <3

    • btw how do you farm? I really wanna get some IZ*ONE badges lol (also are IZ*ONE badges even available anymore due to their disbandment?)

    • They are for sure. Your first 4 badges are only 250 Akrons. Imma help you out.

      You can try posting in the "what kpop songs you are currently listening to?", the lounge, random stuff people post and you are of course welcome to interact in the Midzy guild even if you are not one.