• Just stopping to say you’re my favorite army blink always!!! :pepelove1: :pepelove1: :pepelove1: :pepeflushed: :pepefrog:

  • What's the special day?

  • I'll give you as many akorns as you want if you ask Elevator Boy out.

    • NO!! He Is my ex-crushes friend. He still thinks that I have a crush on his friend and I hate him and I am 13!!! I don't wanna date anyone

    • I just want to know his reaction. :(

      He's a Beatles fan, right? He's got taste.

      Send him this:

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    • He is not a Beatles fan he allow talked about them because he thought they had much better music than the music we were listening to and 2 I don't have his number. He is solely a classmate friend. He is just a friend and he will never cross that.

  • i love your threads🌌🤍

  • I haven't interacted wit u before more ig? but thank u for the follow <3

  • Any person who's a Once and a Blink has my respect and admiration! Two of the nation's biggest girl groups. I always love seeing a fan loving both at the same time. There's room for both of them.

    • Thank you, but I don't really deserve that much. I love both groups a lot. I just chose to follow my heart and stan both of them because I love their music and their personalities. That's all.

  • what's your fav blackpink songs :pepewhat:

    • Oof that is a hard question, I think Kill This Love, Don't Know What To Do, You Never Know, Love To Hate Me and As If It's Your Last. Honestly I love every song!!!! But I this is probably like top of the list top.

    • your taste >>>>>

  • Can I have some akorns, please? :akorns: :pepefrog:

    • How many do you want?

    • As much as you want to give.

    • How do I give it to you? Sorry I am new

    • You go to my profile and you'll see 2 blue buttons one with a person and one with a magnifying glass click the person and then click transfer.

    • Thank you!! <3