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  • i just realized we have the same birthday!! also your aisha dp~ taste

  • moametal or yuimetal (even though she's aint there)? for me I love moametal's energy but yuimetal was super cute and uwu offstage

    • moametal also bc she has very good energy and i love her dimples lol. she also has very powerful vocals. yuimetal was the first person i went to when i first heard of babymetal. :peperun:

    • omg :pepe-sad: yuibot the queen of dance

    • so true bestie, you preached once again :pepe-toast:

    • but still stan sumetal :pepe-flirt:

    • bestie stan babymetal in general, but sumetal is so :pepelove1::pepelove2::pepe-comfy:

  • hit me with a loona gif

    and i will guess the members in that gif x)

    • um, ok let me find one

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    • Take ur time ^^

    • how do u want me to do it- if i send the member its gonna be easy lol

    • tenor.gif?itemid=21099308

      see easyhosadshsuisd

    • Thats our Little rabbit Jeong Heejin

      sorry for the late reply

      do it whatever way i would like! <3

  • So you stan loona, IU, twice, BIBI (i think/hope/pray), who else?? Your taste is immaculate

    • you're so right i do stan all of them lol, and thank you your taste is immaculate as well. i stan so many artist tbh but some recent people are Red Velvet, Babymetal, Everglow, Weki Meki, Weeekly, HA:TFELT (she's AMAZING), and Skz. i've been listening to these artist non stop lol :peperun:

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  • Morning!

  • Omg

    we are both the same Zodiac!
    you are 2 days ahead of KimLips birthday!

    and you are born the day after one of my fav youtubers!

    and ur 10 days Apart from the Mankae of Treasure's birthday

    im the 17th

    So- Junghwan is the 18th on the same year

    • that gave me a headache-

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    • and what youtuber is it?

    • hahhahaa


      too excited!
      im year of the Rooster


    • one of my fav Youtubers is Jacksepticeye

      he was born on the 7th of febuary

      im 10 days 15 year apart from him

    • im year of the dog :pepe-flirt:

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  • i see you are an Orbit! <3

    My name is ProudOrbit lol

    would you like to stop by

    and even possibly join the guild? ^^
    i also make Loonaverse theories

    • im already in a guildddddd, i'll consider it though. yes i am an Orbit!!!!

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    • even if u dont wanna join

      you are always welcomed to the Guild! <3

    • aw thank you <3 i'll have to come check it out!

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    • "I wont Keep You waiting!

      ooh oohh aooohhh ohh

      I wont Keep ya Waitin"

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    • thats a good song Loona 1/3 is one of my favs

  • Hi i am from the girl from H+

  • Thanks for the follow!


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