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  • Can I have some akorns? :akorns:

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  • Hey there. Please tone it down with the threads and posts. I know that crushing on K-pop idols is a normal thing among fans, but if your behavior is making others feel uncomfortable, please be considerate.

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    • My job is not to make everybody around me comfortable, nor is it my inclination. This is a public forum. I will be considerate.

    • Thank you. Just be self-aware and try your best to adjust your behavior. It's common courtesy.

    • And was with the closing of all my threads? I'm not being punished for others' reactions, am I? Anyway... they need to learn to not be such cry-babies, but of course they won't learn with you kow-towing to them.

    • You have to understand the situational context. That's all.

    • Screw context, if they want to paint you however which way they will, with or sans context . It is these crybabies that have real disregard for context, believe you me.