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  • this is a strobbery

    give me your favorite song


  • i love you very much

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    • :lovec: ily too my precious fetus

    • you called me a fetus but you put precious in front so i can't help but be soft.

      i hope you have a great week


  • :pepelove1:

  • The girl in ur sig and dp is really attractive. is that Devon Aoki?

  • omg i love your dp! Ryujin is my bias wrecker in Itzy!

    my original bias is Lia

    but Ryujin slayed my soul in Mafia

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    • she has that effect on people :yesr: but taste for Lia as well

    • I never understood the hate Mafia gets I was hooked instantly! I love Yuna's rap

  • omg why do i comment on your wall so much

    you're just that important to me ig :clown:

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  • spice :pepe-sad:

    what did you mean :pepe-notes:

  • you're beanless or lessbean :/:/

  • hii

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  • omg queen how was i not following you :pleading:

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    • Zuzu, don't laugh but I assumed I had been following you this entire time until now-

    • its all good we're following each other now :love:

  • tenor.gif

  • get the stay background

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    • And model more ALLKILL features for your akorn scheme, me thinks NOT


    • it actually looks prettty cool

  • your sig isnt loading btw

    • ugh… I probably have to resize it

    • noo just the site you uploaded it to doesnt store the pic.. it shows for you cause cache.

    • so this entire time… ahhhh, I could scream. Thanks for letting me know. Gonna get a new proper host.

    • it hasnt been that long.. about 3-5 days since it expired.

    • I think that’s around the time I changed it lmao

  • i love jennifer's body!

    Jennifers Body I Recommend You Shut The Fuck Up GIF - Jennifers Body I  Recommend You Shut The Fuck Up Shut The Fuck Up - Descubre & Comparte GIFs

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    • it has some really iconic lines and the actors were great <3


    • Megan and Amanda were an iconic duo.

  • THANSK YOU FOR 200 AKORNS?? THANK YOU !!!! :pepe-sad::pepelove1::pepelove1::pepelove1:

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  • i like ur aesthetic bc Megan Fox hot and Jennifer's Body good movie

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  • Hi! I didn't know where should I ask this but what show do you have on your sig? Hope I'm not bothering! :eyes:

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  • Bait threads! :mad:

  • your hyuna aesthetic is HOT :pepelove1:

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    • You’re someone of culture I see


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    • did you change your username or am I slow? Lol I thought you were a totally different person... I came here to tell you that your aesthetic is so pretty! then I saw that I already commented something similar before hahah

    • same name, just vastly different aesthetics haha. I feel like I really need to stop swapping them around so much but ty <3

    • oh that sounds fun though! plus they all look really pretty <3 especially your color schemes. meanwhile I just have one dp no sig lol

    • your dp is so smooth and silky so it's iconic as is even without any paired sigs

  • I love your sig Moon Hyuna during 9Muses "Gun" is just so aesthetically pleasing

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    • Ugh, one of my favorite eras. They were just all glowing! And thank you <3 <3

  • Hyuna <333

    Great sig

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    • Yessss, I'm glad someone knows of said goddess.

      Thank you <3

  • I'm watching the show from your sig rn and I really like it :borahae:

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    • didn’t see this until now because silly notifs but I’m glad you’re liking it 💖 do you have a favorite character yet? I feel like so many are eye candy


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    • Ahhh that's hard

      So far I like Lenore and Alucard the best but that can change anytime

    • it’s never wrong to go with Alucard, and there’s quite a lot that you might come to like so true.

      But yeah, Alucard should be protected at all costs


  • oh! I just started watching Castlevania! I love that show!! <3

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    • yessss, happy to see more people love it just as much as I do. <3 The animation studio and voice actors are just great, also just love the castlevania franchise in general.

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    • I agree..although I haven't gotten very far in the show I still think it's great!

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    This is my favorite character. Out of all the vampires, I think she is the most natural

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    • taste. She was the most interesting vampire imo. She constantly remarked she was a diplomat but you could see some humanity returning to her towards. Though I don’t condone all the evil things she did, she had proper growth and explanations for it all. Her development was great.

      Also loved the sassy dialogue between her and hector so much.

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    • Same!! Did you finish the series? I finished not too long after the last season came out :P

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    • yup I was slacking till just the other day! I was on time for season 1 but the rest I delayed big time lol.

      LOL 1
    • Oops, I forgot to reply, sorry <3

      LMAO yeah, I do that on a lot of series too...I'm planning on catching up on a lot of them this summer and watching new series too ofc :P

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    thats your new nickname

    could you send me the gifs as urls instead of the gifs themselves :oops: for some reason it doesnt work when i dont do that

    • I'm struggling to find a good one for Seungmin so that may come way later at some point. But here's the ones I got. Let me know if the avatars don't work for you.

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    • changed the urls to tumblr because I realized IMGUR quality kinda sucks

    • uhh

      i feel very annoying but could you link the urls to the individual gifs :oops:

    • hyperlink the rest?

      or are they acting up and not showing up for you individually?

    • unless you mean like this







  • hellooooo

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  • do you make your own aesthetics o-o

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    • I normally just pull gifs from tumblr or twitter because I'm too lazy!

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    • they're so prettyyyy

      would it be too much if i asked if you could find me one :oops:

      i'll pay you if i like it :pepe-toilet:

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    • ohhhh, I can do it for free. Just give me a list of idol(s) you'd like, and I'll drop off a few pfp/sig matching options for you later today. <3 any colors or eras you'd like too.

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    • yayyyy thank you!!

      could you make me any of these:

      - momo (twice) to fit with the once cult gradient + border

      - seungmin (stray kids) from the neverending story performance or just any light blue or to fit with the once cult gradient + border

      - sana (twice) to fit with the once cult gradient + border

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  • just curious lol but why dont you have the skz guild border?

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    • it crops out a portion of my pfp towards the bottom, so I have it temporarily turned off.

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    • oh okie lol cuz if i had a guild border id flaunt it in everyone's face lol

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