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  • you were the last one I wanted gone :-( I'm gonna miss u a lot, you were special to me :pleading:

  • Hope uni was worth the ban

  • nooo my stand in doctor is gone

  • Now Why did they banned you for?

  • What happened ??

  • why did you got banned dummi?

  • undie why did you get banned? :mad::mad:

  • 🤔

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  • "Hobbie:

    getting papercuts"


    • akorns por favor? :pepe-beg:

    • lol! Completely forgot I put that as my hobby. But it's true! I drew a lot so I got many papercuts.

      Play the game on Saturday and win those akorns yourself!

    • :pepe_akorns:

  • HI

    • Hi???? How are you! It's been so long

    • it has, school started and. i started joining more comp teams so ive been nonstop busyyyyy hry thoo

  • Do you know I'm clem or are we just soul mates :woow:

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    • Omg!! I didn't know, I thought I just met a new uaena on the forums. I'm so happy to talk to you again

    • hi, hello, how are you :oops:

    • sup, what's good, I'm doing well! These days I'm just enjoying my free time

  • CHANTY!!! :omgr:

    • IK!!

    • She's your bias, right? I'm so proud of her, a Filipino debuted I used to see her in movies here in PH.

    • yes she looks like someone I rlly love irl so I love her too :pepelove1: ik shes come so far! She should be proud of herself.

    • yesss, ikr..

      and I saw that song "Is this bad b****** number?" and I loved BIBI's part

  • I'm very late, but did you ever check out this song? I was indifferent to it at first, but it grew on me. I love DeVita's parts! I remember we talked about how great she is.

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    • it was alright, I didnt go crazy over it

  • Akron please

    • I would if I could but I signed up for 5 different LE badges no joke

    • I’ll come back later then

  • here have some akorns

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  • Thank you sir


    • The only man dummi actively thinks about

    • he must be honored :rose3:

    • omg wait I lied there's also Haon he's literally my header

    • fair enough :txt39:

  • Dummi girl ur thread in the dumpster fires abt visuals and talent :cryingr: i'm devastated i wasnt around when it happened

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    • a lot of people were mad at me that day ☠️

    • Well i personally saw some pretty interesting stuff in there :pepe-magnify:

      and u didnt lie :pepe-tea:


    • hello :pleading: whats up

    • i missed you so bad bruh

    • Well glad to see you back on my wall :itzy4:

  • :aespa13:

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    • hellaur how are yew

    • hihi im gewd

      how are yew

    • Well I'm really good these days, I'm trying to do digital art and currently making my first piece. Btw is it just me or are there less ppl on akp

    • that's great to hear! and that sounds cool, i guess those designs you made for the yearbook was you slowly getting into it? lmk how your piece turns out.

      yeah, it feels less active these days. but also i know a lot of people have been busier so i do think its that. city hasn't been around lately either.

    • yeah totally, after that I really thought about doing it as a hobby it's really fun and less messy compared to traditional art. thanks! I'll maybe make a thread to document my progress

      Ah yeah that makes sense. Well, glad some people are still here. Would be a lot less fun without yall

  • :pepe-devil:

  • where's your Yuna pic from in your dp?

  • Hii

    • hmm

    • what does "hmm" mean?

    • thinking thoughts

    • why?

    • well I just wondered about where I've spoken to you before. I don't get people who never interacted with me on my wall very often. :itzy20:

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  • if you are talking about fight in random thoughts Marge at 2xthen

    i regret our fight too because tbh it was just a dumb misunderstanding because i said something which i always said at that time (i think it was something dumb like "coming from you :pepepizza: ") but it can obviously sound rude to a user i dont know that well Marge at 2x and like im actually calling them a hypocrite seriously :sadr:

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    • no because you were right back then though ☠️ I was just mad as hell for no reason. anyways you're actually funny and I should reserve my petty shit for users who actually deserve it, we are cool as ice bob 💪

    • even if i was right it wouldve been a rude thing to say unwarranted in a random thoughts thread lmao pepe-ooh but i didnt mean it that way regardless glad we're good :pepelove1:

    • oh what the fuck... I thought you were Jenchu just now

    • :pepe-smug:

  • you're pathetic

    uWu 1
    • :pleading: you're so brave

    • nah....not brave

      you're fun, straight forward and my kinda user in here! no bs dummi

      and truth be told, i love it gurlie! :finger-heart: Don't ever change!

    • lmao thanks nyuwuz, I'll remember that

  • hot profile

  • Even your friend said that you're acting mad lmfao Cope

    Fire Extinguisher GIFs | Tenor

    • you're soooo mad that I didn't buy into your bullshit 🤣🤣🤣

    • Nah, you gave me something much better to enjoy :pepe-toast:

    • keep crying on my wall, they all crawl back begging for attention

    • Dude, I just had it written in the thread but it got closed before I could post, so I pasted it on your wall, but by all means please continue thinking I am giving you a special attention :pepe-toilet:

    • you're on my wall acting like the jester you are and you want me to believe this isn't a personal circus for me? ☠ I'm afraid you'll shift your blink obsession to me

  • it would be very kind of you if you could suport the badge-petition for the Japanese group JO1, even if you don't interact with anything at the end, just give me your name on the list by buying it and I'm happy, thank you in advance