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  • Hey! I was wondering where you were, didn't see you in the guild today. Don't feel shy and to talk us! We'd love to have you there ❤️

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    • hellooo. Thank you for checkin'. <3 Just got busy with work :-( but I promise I'll drop by anytime today. :lover3:

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  • join our guild please, we need more kyungsoo stan :pepelove1:

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    • Hi there ! Yes I would love too! How to join ? I'm sorry I'm kind of a grandma here :pepecute:

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    • Hey, sorry for the late reply. Just visit our guild and talk to us. They're very nice and welcoming, I'm kinda new here too actually.

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    • Hi thank you so much for welcoming me in the guild. I really enjoyed the conversation!

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    • You're welcome! ❤️

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    • To be officially part of the guild and have the emblem, name, badges you unfortunately need to have at least 100 posts. But you can still hang out and talk with us in the guild! Its very easy to get 100 posts as we are so talkative :pepelove1: