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  • thanks for the follow my friend but why me?

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    • So I can get all the aespa secrets from you, SM insider! Gimme a hint? :eyes:

    • that's

      so as I ask of everyone tell me something about youself my friend?

    • hmm what do you want to know?

    • anything really I genuinely like to get to know people so anything...

      ahah if you don't know how to start I'll start firing questions away afterwards

    • Hmm well, I'm 22 years old, on my last year of college, studying to be an animator, and I've been into K-pop for a few years or so. I like a lot of groups, but my ults are aespa (ofc), ATEEZ, KARD, and ONF.

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  • here's a pretty 19e671e6809263b39125de4c1a56ddfc0ca93301.gifv

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  • I just realized I wasn't following you :peperain:

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    • lol it's fine. I should've been following you a long time ago tbh so you've kind of reminded me about that haha. <3

    • well I'm glad we follow each other now :lover3:

  • i summoned you in our guild broken baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!2x

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  • chainyviolet.........2x

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  • Chainyviolet's Broken baby comes from BM's song not because she's a emo kid i thought she was. :oks:

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    • nah fam I'm actually

      Emo To The Extremo Clip Art GIF - EmoToTheExtremo ClipArt Extremo -  Discover & Share GIFs


      jkjkjk :smirks2:

  • Love your profile picture! 💜

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    • Thank you! I'm obsessed with Bm's solo stuff right now! :lover1:

    • Me too! His releases have been amazing :lover1:

    • Yesss. I'm so happy he's had such a strong solo debut. I'm proud of him. :pepecute:

    • He really is doing amazing and deserves the whole world 💜

    • yesss he's so humble, sweet, and hardworking. I just want the best for him jkldf ;(

  • heyy happy birthday! :danceb:

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  • Happy birthday dear :blushing:

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  • happy birthday :lover2:

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    I hope that this special day of yours is spent with both happiness and love <3:borahae::lovec:

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  • which badge do you want?

  • Hiho you like Aespa and Anime. So you muss be a nice person :|:|:|

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  • i love your dp! from descendants of the sun right? im watching that rn! jinki's so good in it. :lover1:

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    • Yessss. He is good! I never ended up finishing it though ;( . I should rewatch it ahh.

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    • that happens to me in just about every drama i watch... i hope i can stick through it with this tho. im sure there's a lot of character development by the end and i dont want to miss anything.

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