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  • i saw u visit my Page xD

    and is that ViVi as your PFP?

    (im probs wrong lol)

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    • It's actually Yeri from Red Velvet!

      Don't mind me i was doing some stalking yesterday lmao.

      since you're here, what are your favorite groups?

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    • Yeri so pretty!


      My fav groups are





      and i do really like Everglow, blackpink, and Cravity

      ill admit

      even though i havent heard the full song

      i have RedVelvets Zimbazilazimzim stuck in my head

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    • ooo awesome!

      I also stan txt and blackpink. I haven't gotten into treasure and cravity yet. Would you mind recommending me some treasure and cravity songs? thanks :D

      My favorite groups are BTS, Red Velvet, TXT, NCT, and Enhypen.

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    • Gladly!

      For Treasure id defs recomend


      My Treasure

      I Love you


      and that sums it up

      Cravity lets see


      Break all the Rules

      (Please enjoy! i hope you like!)

    • thank you sm! i will check them out tonight and give you my feedback :thumbup::thumbup:

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  • thanks for the follow my friend but why me?

    • you seem like a very chill and nice person :thumbup:

  • THANKS FOR THE FOLLOW! Love your impeccable taste in manhwas btw, keep being my manga/manhwa/manhua (mmm) buddy ok? thanks hun for all those recs :*

    • ofc ! 😤😤😤

      btw is your pfp sunghoon? i finished watching iland two days ago. my bias is sunoo and jay <3 hbu??

    • OMG ANOTHER ENGENE MWAH I LOVE YOU ALREADY! You bet, ofc it’s Sunghoon our little ice prince and penguin!

      my bias is sunghoon. but i love jake sm too, jay is hilarious so i love him as well. jakehoon, imo, is so cute as a soulmate not romance sort of thing! they’re literally best friends and it makes me happy inside!

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    • can you send me some enhypen content tomorrow? i'm a baby engene and idk how to start stanning them. thank you sm ^^ besides enhypen, what are some other groups you stan?

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    • ok! i’ll start you off with EnHi, if you haven’t seen it already. It’s on YouTube so just watch the four or so episodes on there. Also, follow ‘attaetude’ on youtube, they make amazing enhypen content it always has me smiling! There’s also a TXT & Enhypen Playground show on youtube so watch that one too!

      I also stan Blackpink (bias is Jennie but breaker is Jisoo), BTS, TXT, Taemin, Hwa Sa, Chanyeol...but for some of those i’m more of an avid listener than a die hard fan. And you?

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    • thank you so much! i actually finished watching ep 2 of txt & enhypen playground earlier today. i'll check out enhi and attaetude later thanks for the recommendations.

      i stan red velvet, bts, txt, nct, blackpink, chungha, and shinee :merongk:

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