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  • lmao i can't expect anything less for an site like akp, having a mod like you is the norm as well , since akp has such a dark past itself hahahaha

    • I removed my thread before wasnt liking its direction.

      But i didnt get a chance to reply, the rules apply to users as well as staff.

      Staff dont need to be constantly cautious and silent in every part of the forum, it's not fair to expect that from staff. As long as we don't break the rules we enforce then there isnt any issue.

    • how about you keep mamamoo out of your mouth , its not that hard ignoring them you know, the whole thread was basically bashing mamamoo

    • i actually love mamamoo though! I wasnt intended it to go that way. I thought it would be a tough poll to decide the vote as both are big internationally.

      Anyway i deleted the thread now.

    • :/ sure and thanks for deleting it


    i miss your threads tho, they were so entertaining :(

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  • Beautiful dp. Can't stop staring at it when i see it. :love:

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  • I love your dp! Mina looks so pretty <3

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  • youre ripiasuju???

  • Love the new DP

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    • Thx, I joined the once guild, only appropriate now

    • No problem and very true 😁

      I still have yet to join a guild

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  • Is that Jihyo? I cant see your dp well. Wow. You surprise me.every day. Speaking of a 180 degree turn.

  • Hrhrhr so I read you are insulting users (I read the ask a mod thread)

    • i did? where? was it the r00d comment? I was only playing cause she said i encourage trolling.

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  • Congratulations on generating discussions freely. They are very entertaining to read.


  • who's the user who got threatened to be sued by jyp omg?

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  • Dear Mod who used to have pretty dps, what's a paid subscription?

    Also can I get akorns with my points? I didn't read the entire Akorn post. I'm too lazy

    • nope you cant.

      Only from posting.

      I'll give you a couple hundred to get started

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    • Thank you thank you! :lover3:

  • Where's that Jin DP from? It looks beautiful.

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  • who are you and what have you done to my old friend ripia?

    Also hello! That Jin dp throws me off a little. So much adjustments to do in this new site already.

    I need a cave to hide at this point, lol.

    Hope you're doing fine :)

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    • I might change jin lol

      do you feel like making some exo content? i miss exo content

  • I see the forum has been updated. Where is the forum "Current Affair" Section?

    • Thats been removed, the lounge is suited for that now

    • This may sound trivia, but where are all my points? So in this new forum make up , we have to start anew? How do I find the old members, many were friends?! :?:

    • it all starts new ^^

      search for older members they may or may not be active

    • Many thanks!! BTW, why wasn't anyone informed of this big change?

    • They were informed but many users didnt read the threads the admin done it was pinned for a month.

      I did warn users but a lot missed it

  • can you delete the post for this account pls?

    • sorry can you link me what you want deleted?

  • Well old forum is certainly a sight right now


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    • People were still DMing me there asking why cant they post lol had to do it

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  • wait this profile page needs cleaning

  • boy you really going to ignore me...

    • lmao sorry i just woke up or was busy

    • Your profile is deader than my grandad

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    • how tf you follow here?

    • go on the profile icon thingy there will be a drop down