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  • Hey, Ripia. You shoud know. I can quit to a guild and start a new one? I ask to mods, but they dont answer me.

    • Yeah of you gather 5 members

  • what happened? did j0hnny scold you? :cryingr:

  • i like akorns :snsd18:

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  • You've grown so much. I am impress.

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    • Well I am 25!!

    • The way you handle things too, the old Ripa I know is nothing like you today. You used to post a lot of selfies in the old forum. You changed a lot, in a good way.

    • how have you been lately?

    • i want to see the selfies tho

    • how have you been lately?

      - ive been doing great just busy with work as usual :(

  • how much will we get paid to babble about kpop? i want at least $20 an hour please

    • Lmao.

      It's for fun no pay just free subscription

    • why'd you say "hire" then :/

    • Idk what other word to use hehe sorry

  • Since the thread is closed I'll answer here, it's good that you guys take hate against Giselle and MYs seriously. When midzy complained about Yuna getting shit on and having multiple threads with users both on anons and main openly speculating that she must have been sad because itzy flopped so she starved herself, during the height of Lias scandal and the sheer amount of itzy dragging threads, staff told us the equivalent of "sorry guys, block anons and users you don't like" so following this model, I dont care if Giselle gets 1000 threads made on her. MYs should block anons and users they don't like 🤣

    • Yeah you can block anons and users Im not sure why that thread got locked since we barely lock threads anymore.

  • football (the real one not the fakeazz entertainment watched in the US) is better than its US copy, rugby and baseball :finger-heart:

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    • Lol you don't believe that

    • I do because Football is the best sport ever. It has the best entertainment, the most and best celebration and the games are unpredictable :finger-heart:

    • The next match you watch will end in 2-1 to the home team

    • I'll come back to your wall to see if your prediction is right. I guess it'll flop worse than Hardy's prediction :eyes:

  • 2K AKORNS JUSEYO :pepe-beg:

    facepalm 1
  • can i bother u

    • Sure

    • yayyyyy

      now, heres a poem i made for you

      my dear admin, cant u see

      the world would be better if u gave akorns to me

    • speaking of cant you see, CANT YOU SEE ME IS SO MF GOOD

      it brings out the 2014 emo me

    • Aw sorry I'm broke

    • its okk

  • hello, can you buy jo yuri petition pls ? I can refund

    • Sorry not allowed unless I'll actually buy it

    • thank you anyway <3


    • If you beat me in connect 4

    • ugh 😭

    • I'll give you 100 each time you beat me up to 5 times

    • Let's go

    • tag when u make the game

  • ripia 8 akorns please :omg22:

    • thank you!

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  • Hi :oops:

    • aw you remember me?

    • Yes. I know I have a message pending on discord but I don't want to log in till the month end. I wanted to say hi though ><

  • Gimmie that banner thingy that says thread maker of the month 👀👀👀👀👀👀

  • thanks for the Akorn <3<3

    but i don't understand why you send them to me ? x)

  • hi ripia, welcome back :pep-pj-pink:

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  • Ripiaa

    Do you wanna be interviewed for the hot takes? The ONCEs I asked already either said no or just clicked on their profile and didn't say anything for 20 minutes :pepe-sad:

    • What's that

    • A section of the newsletter

    • Sure how does that happen

    • I'll basically just DM you the topic and then send some questions and your answers will be added to the newsletter!

    • sounds fun let's do it

  • :pepe-just-smile: how are you, old once :pepe-just-smile:

  • ripia

  • am pur

    need mony fr fud

    and im not getting my oddinary album nor am i going to the concert

    so can u gimme sum akorns...plz? :pepecute::pepecute:

  • Hey ripia,

    Which groups need ak stickers?

    I'm bored

  • nancy is so hot :ak_minniecry:

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  • wait wait hold the phone who's in your sig she is

    F A B U L O U S

    • Nancy of momolamd


      <also, and thus, I learned that I have been firmly wedged under a rock lol>

  • Ripiaaaa

    • Yess

    • How laid back would you say you are with badges? :pepe-notes:

      Not asking for a new custom badge :fingerk:

    • I am if it's the right user

    • Hmmm okay

      I'll ask you later, ty :peperun:

  • flapeeroos


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  • give me your ako-

    wait nvm you only have 16 :nct3:

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