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  • guess my age and gender 😎

    probably easy cos i said it a while ago but still

    also when were you called versatile

    • F 16

      That was my name for 2 months haha

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    • very close

      f 13

      i do not remember that lmaooo maybe i was on my hiatus at the time but i vaguely remember a versatile

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    • tbh i thought lower but i didnt wanna be rude lol

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    • lmao

  • all those coming here for tea

    Banned users stay banned.

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  • i want to see that presentation too

    i am bored lately :eyes:

    • lol they'll DM it eventually, is all they are doing with their time.

  • The Renaissance is amazing!!! Love it from beginning to end!

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  • Why did you guess everyone else's age and gender, but not mine? Am I that weird that you can't come up with an idea? : <

    • i just got lazy haha i locked the thread

      and you are.... a male 21

    • Wow... that's a surprising answer

      i'm a fifteen year old girl : >

      Guess I have to change up my aesthetic lol

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    • i can see that too... just the IU pic seemed like one a dude was choose

    • oh, so it's because I'm bi. well, i can't change that :,<

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    • ah i see i see

  • i'm leaving once guild :c

  • Sending A Hug Gif - IceGif

    #RespectTheKingofAKP :cursing:

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  • I'm sorry that those people were such big meanies. I'm glad they got justice and are now gone. I hope that you're doing ok and that all this gets resolved promptly. You're a great person and a great mod (even if others disagree) <3:iloveyoub:

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  • I'm sorry about what you've been through. That must've been so hard and I'm glad those users are permabanned because their crap was just uncalled for. I wish you the best for the future and you're a good mod.. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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  • why did u delete that thread.. did i ruin your promo :pepe-peek:

    • lol no i just thought it was lazyily done.. I'll make a better one hehe

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    • Okay but still sorry :oops:

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    • What do you think we should add to all kill for stubborn people like you?

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    • bring Rosie and all of bp to an akp q&a and I MIGHT think about it :danceb:

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  • :pinky-salute:Ripia!

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    • Hey Rosa!!! how you been!!

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    • I been..


      I just wanted to stop by to say that I hope you take some rest.

      Take care Ripia ☆

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  • I'm sorry if I made you mad in my thread about idol minors. I was just trying to get my point across and I may've been a little passive aggressive so I apologise.

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    • Dont worry i understand your perspective also! I just reacted angry cause i felt like minors should get their chance if they have the talent not just in kpop but in general.

      But its a damaging industry indeed.

  • You could have just told me to change the thread title :peperain:

    • The whole thread seemed clickbait, just make a new thread instead

    • I was just having fun with the users who knew who I am. It's not like I was hurting anyone's feelings. Forget it, the mood is ruined, thank you :pepecry:

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  • Black Heart Gif by blackandwhitetophat on DeviantArt

  • What username color are you using?

    • silver gleam gradient

  • No negative opinions allowed on AKP, huh? You've reached a new level with over-moderation, congrats! :giftr:

    • actually your comment was only removed because it was in the sub forum twice guild, and other members didnt want it there.

      There are different rules in the guilds sub-forums for each forum.

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    • Omo, I misunderstood your intention. Sorry for thinking maliciously. Mianhaeyo mod'nim :crys:

      Solar System is a :clown:

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  • why do u always trash my shrek threads :peperain::pepewhat:

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  • your aesthetic is cool btw

    doesnt look clapped anymore :thumbup:

  • bring back :cursing:

  • @Ves

  • Aww, thank you for the akorns <3


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    • lol i dont have a lot cause i gave them for the gradient but try and save up at least for the custom static badge 2500!

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    • Thank you again <3 That's my plan, actually!


      Shouldn't be too hard for me <3

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  • :peperich::peperich::peperich::peperich::peperich::peperich::peperich:

    • 2/5

    • how can i make it a 5/5 mr know it all :peperich::peperich::peperich:


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    • thanks!! I still need an sj sig tho

    • want me to help you with that?

    • oh would you? Id prefer a darker gif from either their latest comeback or ayoyoyo comeback!

    • Sure let me get one

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  • Stream On The Ground :cursing:

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  • You're back! Old ripia is back!

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  • so time to rewrite the rules because the rules are garbage

    • your thread literally asking people if they want to bash users.

      We don't promote that or want to encourage it.

  • u should go back to your og dp

  • ahh the legendary ripia

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    • you know of me?

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    • Ofc. You were the most legendary user in the old forum

      Your threads were fun

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    • you do know ripia = versatile right ?

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    • Thank god you changed it. Versatile flop :cursing:

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    • is this the same user i keep calling an alt? you seem nice now haha

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  • You still use this account? :eek:

    Welcome back ripia :P

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