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  • you're the sweetest x100 and ....... your dp i can't believe u put the eyebrows game there DAMN IT YULLIE you chose the most beautiful man to stan:borahae::borahae:

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    • Looook who's here on my wall!

      Ms. Almighty :D:borahae: My favouriteeee :saint:<3

      Of course I had to put that dp (I have to find my former dp and put it up there again, because I'm boring like that and I don't like changes hahah)

    • oh whew you indeed were multitasking again i cant keep up hahaha;(</3

      omg stop ily :borahae:

      (yes i agree if you do i will report your profile but i said nothing hehe~~~~)

    • =O Report? In what case?

      Then tbz will lose their best hype girl on akp, would you want that? ¬‿¬

  • hi :pepe-smug:

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    • Hii! I was finally able to follow you back!

      How are you doing?

    • yay it finally worked! those fatal errors were weird lol

      I'm good now, just woke up and might have some coffee. hby?

    • The day is already slowly ending for me, so it's time for some kpop content/music :D
      Btw what are your favourite groups? Red Velvet / SNSD?

    • omg really? :o

      where are you from (if you don't mind me asking). I'm in the US (CA)!

      I stan lots of diff groups! yes snsd was the first group I've ever stanned and I do stan RV too. Also itzy, nct, exo, infinite, everglow, etc. I casual stan a lot of groups as well like BP, OMG, ikon, shinee, big bang. hby?

    • oh and goodnight, if you are sleep haha :sleeping:

  • hi! so for some reason that i am not aware of i cannot reply in the "who catches your attention?" thread, but i'd love to be in the deobi taglist if possible :nervousk:

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    • I thinkk akp is bugging... I also cannot go to some people's profiles etc...

      Ah that's amazing, I'll add you! :borahae:

    • that may be it yea,,

      thank uuuu :iloveyoub:

  • Hi :danceb:

    I was gone for a while but I hope you haven’t forgotten me✨

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    • Omg of course not! You were missed <3<3<3

      I hope you've been well and it's so nice to see you here again! :happyr: :lover3:

      How are you, spending a nice summer?

    • I missed seeing your tbz threads and supporting them with other deobis here but i was sick for a long while:sadr:

      I’ve been going on hiking trips as much as i can when i’m not working. I can’t wait for winter tbh, I don’t like warm weather haha. How’s your summer going so far?

    • And I missed you seeing here and talking with you!

      Oh noo, you sere sick? I hope it wasn't anything too serious and that you're ok now <3 <3 <3

      Same for me, I've been trying to go on more hiking trips when I'm not working but I'm also busy on weekends, so I go even less than last couple of years ;( I love hiking, it makes me relax and feel so good.

      I'm the opposite of you, I love summer and wish it would lst foreverc I'm in a much better mood during summer time hehe

    • Same with you and thank you! It’s a long term struggle and I probably will not get better for a long time but it’s okay:thumbup:

      I’m sorry to hear that you can’t go more often, hiking is one of my favorite things to do.

      And really? Lol I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, more people seem to prefer that over winter. More than winter though, I prefer rainy seasons but where I live now, we get little to no rainfall in a year. Such a shame. I feel happiest when i’m walking in the rain haha

    • Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that :(

      If you want to talk about it, I'm here for you <3

      It was my mission for this summer to go hiking even more than usual, but every weekend I had some stuff and I couldn't go much ;(

      Oh wow, no rainfall in a year?? That's a lot! I can't imagine that. Does anything even grows there?

      Here it's been super hot for more than a month, but just today it's raining. I like rain if I can just stay at home and chill, but hate it if I have to go somewhere :D

      That's cool, I wish I could be the person that loves walking in the rain, seems so calming. But in reality it's messy for me hehe

  • he’s so cute :omgr:

    but annabelle…. :cryingr:

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    • Hahaha I knooow, it's super cute but weird at the same time :D

    • also the way new told him to put the doll down

      they’re so cute :lover3:

    • I know, they are too precious :waterr:

    • How are you doing Dreamy?

    • im doing great!!

      how about you?

  • my aesthetic :blushing:

    the dp is kinda weird tho

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    • I love it! :pepe-sad: :pepe-sad: :pepe-sad:

      It's not weird, it's cute, summery and it suits you so nicely :pepelove1:

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    • i meant its not centered loll

      but i think its ok now haha

      and ty <3

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    • Ah yeah, it's this kind of gif that it's hard to get centered. Still looks good and cute! And so summery, I really like it!

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  • keaji!!

    guess what??

    i got the younghoon badge :omgr:

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    • Aaaah really? That's so amazing Dreamyyyy🤍!!! It makes me happy seeing people buying tbz badges :pepe-sad: :pepelove1: :froghype:

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    • i was saving up for it and i had enough so i got it!!

      im gonna get the Q badge too!

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    • You're making me even happier now ;( ;( ;( <3

      I'm thinking about purchasing all tbz members badges in case we don't get Limited Edition badge for the comeback, since some members weren't purchased yet.

      And I think we won't get limited edition, since we wouls need 15 people to buy it, but there is like 6 of us on the list now :( :( :( :(

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    • ooo thats a good idea!

      lmk if you need akorns!

      and thats too bad ;(

      i wanted a limited edition badge

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    • We have to wait for the comeback, and I'll tag deobis again about the badge + maybe someone new is going to want it.... I really hope so, since we would need 15 people to purchase it for the badges to be made :(

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  • hellooo :danceb:

    Omg i swear I'm in love with this got7 song!!

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    It's so beautiful :lover1:

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    • Yeees, one of my favourites for sure 💚

      Chaengaro, as expected, you got a nice taste! <3

      Btw I totally fell into Taeyeon's music, I've been listening to her every day 🙈

      Are you doing ok? :lover3:

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    • their songs are just sooo good.. they kinda remind me of rv tbh haha

      And believe me once you discover taeyeon it's over for you.. that's what happened to me <3

      I'm really good btw!! Hbu??

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    • Right? No, their music is really good, if you need some suggestions, pet me know! 💚

      Yees, Red Velvet comparison seems plausible!

      I know, I don't even know why I haven't checked more of Taeyeon's music sooner, I think I just must've heard one song that I didn't like and judged it based on it (+ on Snsd songs that I don't really like). But The Boyz did a cover before of Four Seasons and I loved it, and now with Spark, I had to check out more.

      I was worried for you before because of your post, nice that you're good!

      I'm also ok, baking a cake and listening to Taeyeon :D

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    • I LOVE FOUR SEASONS!! It's one my faves of hers omg i have to see that cover now :eyes:

      And nooo dw really!! It was just a general observation that i had about something! baking sounds good btw i need to learn it lol......

    • Here you go, I think you'll like it:

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      Hehe yeah, I love to bake, it's therapeutic, but I always choose complicated stuff, with a lot of steps, so it takes some patience and a lot of time :D

      It's not hard, you just have to carefully follow the recipe. Also there are a lot of recipes on youtube that makes it easier to do it.

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  • 💙

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  • I didn't know you could have gif banners!

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  • wait we've never followed each other before =O:melon_think:

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    • I know, i just saw it when i clicked on your wall and it was 'limited access' or something haha.

      How come i didn't follow my junior :pepe-sad: :pepelove1:

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  • damn

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  • c73f9a9bfa1f5f639642af9d96ac458804e5482a.gifv


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    • hiii just reporting from revenge land !!

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    • 😬😬😬

      *me being nervous*

      *staring for a little too long at your post*

      Thank you, thank you, that's a nice revenge! :saint:

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  • :o your new dp ♡ is ♡ just ♡ beautiful ♡

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    • Right?

      Hi friend, long time no see here :froghype: :cutes:

      Let me make you suffer a little


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    • Hiiii hehe ♡


      He's smiling like that and u think i will be ok ???? :pepe-comfy:

      I just came to akp for once this is a sign to log off :borahae:

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    • evil just like ur bias :(

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    • Nooo not at all, if i was evil, i would find even worse gif :evil:

      So nice of you to bless us with your attendance here on akp hihi


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    • uh uh no you don't get to be more evil, my dose for today has been surpassed :")

      thanks for being here :pepelove1:


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  • are you our worldwide phenom?

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    • Haha of course, finally made it to that title! Now i'm working towards being a Legend :D

      I just saw i wasn't following our creamy until now!

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    • WHAT NO WAY I WASNT FOLLOWING MY MATRIARCH EITHER?! That’s crazy, here’s a follow bubs :*

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    • Right? :lover3:

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  • me pressing the "reply button" on our pm and allkpop's response is " The message is too long, must be under 10,000 characters" LMAOO

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    • Hahahha i can totally see that :D It happened to me the last time i responded to you, but then i figured, i just needed to delete the quoted message :D

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    • i'm so mad at akp i quoted ur message separately and all so it would be organized but then I had to delete all the quotes too! so now it's one long messy pm hehe ;(

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    • Haha it's ok, i'll get through it :D

      I had to do the same thing last time, i feel you :pepelove2:

      I'll read and check it out later, i have to go out now <3 <3 <3

      I hope you're having a nice saturdaaay!

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    • hehe :pepelove2:

      Alright, take your time and have fun outside !!

      i hope your saturday is nice too <3:borahae:<3

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  • Finally got my jinyoung badge!

    there's only 2 of us here :eyes:

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    • :pepe-excited:

      That's so great, congrats! :D Yeah, i know, not many got7 fans are here now...

      We gotta represent him now nicely haha :D

    • thanks to you! i thought it would be another week before i get my badge lol

      yeah, we got to. He only has us here :D

    • Not a problem at all, i like to donate to a good cause :D

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  • im slowly becoming a the B lmao

    i think i like groups with a lot of members cuz i used to like seventeen too

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    • :pepelove2::pepelove1::pepe-hype::pepegrin: :pepelove:   :pepe-simp:

      I'm going to make you into one slowly :D

      I feel like once you get used to it, it doesn't even feel like that's a lot of members anymore :D

      At first i thought 7 is too much for a group, now 11 seems just normal :D

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    • yupp sometimes i look at pictures of nct and i feel like there are ppl missing lmao

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    • Yes, exactly! :D
      Thx for always coming at my threads <3<3<3

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    • ur welcome!!! ur the one who got me more interested in tbz and ur always so nice so ofc i always come to ur threads loll

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    • That's so nice to hear!
      You are the sweetest :lover3::lover3::lover3:

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  • wanna play connect 4

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    • I don't really need them, already bought all i wanted, and i'm not into collecting all members badges, since it's too much of them haha

      You know what, i can give you more :D

      (i just need a little for safety, since you can never know haha)

    • :peperich: I am rich now :iloveyoub:

    • :pepe-hehe:

      Not yet, but if you convince selfmate to give you 10% of his, you would be hehe

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    • he will never give me, idk what he is going to do with all that akorns :pepe-toilet:

    • haha i know, i'll give you once i acquire more

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  • :mooning::mooning::mooning:

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  • wait ur rich u need to lose to me help the poor ones :waterr:

    btw imma follow u my friend

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    • I'm rich because i don't spend, my friend :D
      I will start spending one day, but i don't want to lose anymore.

      There is someone richer, who's winning our game and we should all gang up on this person :suggestiver:

      Thx for the follow, imma follow you back my friend!

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    • My friend, you are calling me rich? Have you seen how rich are you? :D

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    • ur right we should team up :suggestiver: am not rich i will be poor soon i need a custom badge :sadr:

      btw which groups do u stan :?:

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    • GOT7 and The Boyz are my favorites ;) .

      But i like and listen to many others too :)

      For you BTS and Blackpink?

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    • add EXO stray kids and Bigbang they're may faves too :claps:

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  • How old are u noonar? :cursing:

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    • I'm a 90s baby :saint:

      Wow 1
    • You're not that old :cursing:

    • I'm getting old, like everyone :D

      My body is not that old but my mind is grandma's age

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    • You're not a noonar, you're an ahjumma lmao :cursing:

    • :D correct!

      No, i just lost a big part of my funny side through years and i take everything too seriously. That's why i have to be active on this forum, to become a bit more fun again :D

      LOL 2
  • did you have fun reading all the poems ?

    thank for the donation i see the kpop gods have absolved you of your past sins but be warned not to anger them sgain or there will be more severe consequences :D

    no eally though you didn't have to donate to me..its all judt a funny joke

    LOL 1
    • Hahaha still reading and literally laughing out loud :D i do feel like i'm at church

      the donation was also a funny joke :D (otherwise i would donate more.. maybe i should've, i'm torn between laughing at poems and being scared of the cult-like vibe :D )

    • well since you replied or reacted you too will get your own poem soon...but not tonight

      i'm off to bed soon so if i dont reply its me saying bye bye

    • Looking forward to it ^^


  • I appreciate your open-minded perspective.

    • Thank you, i'm trying (and still working on it all the time).

      I like to discuss things and learn about other people's opinions and perspectives, i think that makes us 'richer' in a way.

      In my opinion realizing that 'nobody knows everything' and 'nobody is better than others' is already a lot.

      Love 2