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  • hii omg you're a ten fan :love:

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    • yeees he's the best <3<3

    • i love ten tooo :lover1:

      my biases are johnny, chenle, renjun, xiaojun, and yangyang tho :dancer:

      what's your favorite song?

    • I only follow WayV, I have good opinions on other nct guys but I'm honestly here for Ten! I do listen to the full nct albums (2018, 2020). Xiaojun is my second fave you could say, my favorite songs are my everything, 90's love (best nct u line up so far imo), without you, +most of WayV's discography, what about yours?

    • im not sure, actually. i have a lot of favorite songs

      rn it might just be baby don't like it

  • Ten wants to collaborate w Normani, big brain as usual <3

  • I think he needs professional help, it is not too late to correct his character some things that people are saying to him and d**th thr**ts are just not going to help in any way and only criminals such as Kr!s are beyond repair, people have to be accountable for their actions but some are taking it way too far and it's just generating more hatred, I never particularily liked him as I really am biased towards two people on the team but it is common sense

  • Are you a Ten fan? :claps:

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    • yes that man is a whole industry gem :claps:

  • bello!

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