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  • Sad to see you go girl :( We had such a great time in the old forum. We had the best summer ever in 2020!

    I realize that we'll keep in touch outside of here but I wanted to post this note as a testament of our true friendship and all the memorable evenings we talked and enjoyed ourselves! You'll always be in my heart. I'll never forget you. Steve <3

  • :mukbang:

  • thia? ><

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  • OMG LATHIAAAA :love:

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  • I'll be the first to comment here.


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    • Pikaaaaa :cryingr: been so long since i talked to u or been on this website

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    • ofc, I miss talking to you! :sadr:

      I hope you're fine and enjoying Uni.


    • been going alright - prettty busy :sweatr1:

      i’ll be back on discord soon ! :pepe-peek:

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    • I understand. I'm not on discord now. Idk when I'll be installing it back. :pepe-comfy:

    • :danceb: then l’ll wait for you!

      Happy valentine’s day pika!!! You may not be married to me, but you’ll always be married to me in the heart :iloveyoub:

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