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  • Dropping by because i didnt see you during baeks cb so i have no idea what you thought of it

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    • I loved it, it's been on repeat.

      Cry for love and Privacy were my favorite besides on the first listen, and now all are up there among my favorite baek besides overall. Bambi is a phenomenal title track.

      I'm really surprised at how much Baekhyun has progressed in terms of artistry but also vocal abilities, he's definitely doing things now that he couldn't do before (like in All I got, he sings comfortably much higher right ?). Love scene is a vibe, with baek's lower register highlighted, it's really chill so I'm listening to it right now.

      I like the way it feels like there is a storyline to the album, in order of tracks. Baekhyun really portrays well the emotions of love, in particular in Cry for love you can feel the longing / pain.

      I have a lot more thoughts on this cb / album, I really love it sooo much !

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    • omg yess privacy appreciation! You know i ranked it last when i heard the medley ans was SURE that decision wont change when i hear it full but wow i did it so dirty its one of my favs in the album! Third actually, only behind cry for love and all i got!

      Ans yes he went absolutely insane with the vocals in this album. All i got is enough proof of how incredibly talented he is as a vocalist!

      Bambi is my most fav tt for now ;( i love it so much and i cant wait for the live because the choreo seems so good too

      Cry for love and all i got def among my fav bsides from baekhyun :eyes: but imma need time to figure out if i love them more than delight/baekhyun/city lights bsides. I agree what you said about cry for love, baekhyun is so so so emotive

      Love scene is a vibe (2) its my new comfort song from baekhyun lol idk why it puts me in THAT mood when i listen :oops:

      Omg i could go on forever about this as well jsjsks but yes loved the album to bits ans everything about this cb so im bummed its short lived :mad:

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    • I think we're definitely on the same page about everything from this comeback 8)

      I love it so much but I'm kinda sad it's so short lived as you said, it felt like it was over as soon as it started, since we haven't gotten much for promotions :-(

      The cb vlive was so funny though, baek was really relaxed :D He sang All I got so easily btw, I was shocked. He can basically do everything live almost as well (sometimes better) than in the album. I really look forward to stages for each of these songs, but especially Bambi because the choreo looks really classy and slick.

      I don't have a favorite album, they all have their good points. I love that he gets to explore different sides of RnB. I'm happy it's the path he chose for his solo career, with ballads reserved for osts and collabs. Although it's harder to get the korean gp's interest, he has a strong artistic identity. It suits him so well <3:!:

      (also, I should add that I love rnb)

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    • omg i cannot tell you how HAPPY i was when he took the rnb route for his solo career. Unlike many main vocalist whos try to go for smth balladish or that coffee shop type of music, baekhyun went on full rnb and proved how easy it was for him to own that genre whole heartedly and made an identity for himself indeed (no surprise there since he alongside ksoo MAKE the rnb sound in exo). I was so anxious about the genre he will get but i was over the moon when i heard his first highlight medley ;(

      Ooh im still hoping we will get a live for bambi please i refuse to believe this era will have nothing ;(

      Baekhyun's vlive was really funny. I love his vlives because hes always so chill in them. All i got ft the strawberries eating session jssj iconic

      Omg good point with the albums talk :eyes: i have top bsides from each! I also find hard to classify them sigh all good music!