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  • Hii! :froghype: How are you doing?

  • hi laleria <3

    i think you're alseep now, but i hope you have a good rest of your week! thank you for being such a fun and amazing person. i love talking to you, always make me laugh. ily :itzy7:

    • I love you as well, zuz :pleading: if i'm not there, you know where you can find me

    • yes, i will always come and find you. :bg5:

  • ur pfp is so pretty :lover4:

  • hii i love you

    i hope you have a great day <3

    • Love you too :pleading: I hope I have productive day, cause recently i'm a bit lazy

    • lazy days are okay too, as long as you're taking care of yourself. <3

  • i hope you're doing okay <3

    imy :lisa5:

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    • I'm good, miss you :pleading:

    • come back to us soon, unless you're done now and back in which case



    • Zuzu the Cutest :send-love-bunny:

    • :rv40:

  • hii

    • hello :-)

    • hru?

    • sorry for answering late, being busy :pleading: I'm ok, what about you?

    • that's okay! I'm doing good too, what should I call you btw?

  • ur taeyong pfp is so cute :aespa27:

  • love your aesthetics :lisa5:

  • :pepe-beg:

    • I can't, i have to pay for two expensive badges ;(

    • okkiee !

  • <3

    uWu 1

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  • you're neo unnie


  • open your rice :angryr:

    • I can't resist :-)

    • im going to be laughing every time i see your sig now ^^

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    • I don't wanna feel nothing :nct1:

    • don't tell anyone but you're my favorite neo unnie now



      But I want to tell everyone :nct30:

    • if you want to

      i just figured its not really a big flex


  • akorns juseyoo

    • I'm poor but because of your user title i'll give you some :moneyk:

    • Thankyouthankyou!!!

      Cats are the best :merongk:

  • u hate high note? =O

    • kinda ^^ I don't get hype with high-notes in kpop. I prefer vocals in lower register :eyes:

    • woww :waterr: so u don't like the high notes in aespa songs :whatb:

      ig u like rap then :claps:

    • Sometimes (!!) I like high notes like Winter's high note in Next level or Taeil's in Simon Says, but most of the time producers just add high notes that does not fit the song (Tiger inside with my exo bias Baekhyun). And I don't think that the best vocalis is the one who can hit higher note :/

      I can't say that I really prefer RAP over vocals, because I don't like most of kpop raps as well 8o

      Do you like high notes?

    • ig u prob don't like the high notes in savage :whatr:

      yes i love high notes :blushing:

    • I like Savage song overall <3 but prefer Karina parts (Giselle parts too autotuned I think :melon_think: )

  • You're super sweet & I'm glad you are part of Neo City <3 <3

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  • I LOVE YOU 9913D233598F9B4B1C

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  • thank you for the akorns uwu

    Taeyong Nct GIFs | Tenor

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    • Thank you for manifesting Taeyong!! wish you many many Jaehyuns in the future!

  • mwOyA❓YA‼️noh🛀 kOyAngi😼iSseO🥵kUgEni🎉💫koYa🐨nGiyA🕳️🚶iGeNi💨koYanGi😾yA‼️🙌🏻

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  • im not following youuuu