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  • Hii Obok! :froghype: It's been a while since we last talked, how are you doing?

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  • I'm jealous of your pfp :pleading:

    How do you make GIFs that are small enough?

    • I crop them in Photoshop and make them small, then I go on ezgif.com to optimize the gif size so it fits akp's limit ^^ theres a good tutorial here

    • Ooh okay. Did you make the original one yourself? I want to make some from videos since idk where to find them, on tumblr I guess?

    • hm no i found this particular gif on tumblr but i usually make the gifs i use myself, but google can also help

    • Oh okay, thank you! <3

  • Your signature is so adorable, I have to ask - is that Winter? :omgr:

    • thank you! yes it's winter from the life's too short music video! :cutes:

    • Thank you so much :finger-heart: I wasn't 100% sure, she looks so cute <3

  • Cute emblem <3

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    • wow here i was expecting a heartful message and got this :pepe-comfy:

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    • sorry bokkie i'll send u a better message in the future.

      but for now



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    • at least you thought of me :pepe-flirt:

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    • :pepe-daddy::pepe-daddy::pepe-daddy:

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    • :pepe-simp::pepe-simp::pepe-simp::pepe-simp:

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