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  • hi :rv5:

  • When was the last time you were this active in akp?


    • I dont know. Last time was when EWO was out, i guess. But dont worry, in a few hours i go back to my miserable job

    • Well, sucks to be you then, wish you all the best irl, buddy. See you for the next Twice comeback in not so distant future


  • Your sig is amazing :blushing:

  • Hi. ^^ I had to close it because I know what would happen if I didn't.

    • Ok. I hope the same happens with all the next similar threads, not matter if is obvius that Aespa will win ;-)

    • I will do it with similar threads. I'm not sure if you know, but threads like that just end up getting closed at some point or another. Might as well stop it before it happens, you know? Nothing against you personally. It's to prevent other people from fighting.

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