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  • can u add me to the guild

    • Hey, I'm actually really behind on my messages. I know some others have asked to join. I need to count how many there are to see if we'll have space after, but let me get back to you!

    • sure thanks

    • Good news! You're lucky number 50! Welcome to the guild!

    • thank you :lover2:

  • please fix this

    did my topic get posted or not?

    Internal error code: 5ee5fdfb18256e72600cf295b06ec17d5f3675f4

  • 💜

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  • You're an admin, bless you Vesti

    • Ah thanks Massive. I'm really just a tech with admin privileges since I need them to do some of my work. But thanks for visiting my wall!

  • ADMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OMG your an admin now! Congratulations!!


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    • Thanks, but I'm really just tech team. A lot of the stuff we touch requires admin access, so I was given the title along with the access!

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  • congrats on the mod-dom!!! :sparkles: btw im babdit

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  • good luck with your new position! we're happy and lucky to have you as admin :)

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    • I'm really just tech team, but yea, it's nice! I'm a nerd at heart so I love this kind of stuff.

  • Great job on the revamp love <3

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    • Feedback welcome and appreciated to, but glad you love it!

  • Doing great work, vesti!!! <3

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  • congrats on ur new position as admin! ^_^

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    • Thanks but I'm really just glorified tech team!

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  • U became an admin? Congrats :love:   :cursing::!::!:

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    • I didn't, I'm masquerading if you will. I need access to some parts of the system at admin level, that's all :)

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    • BUt still that's a big position lol

      :!: :!: :!:

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  • Oh wow you’re ad admin! Congratulations! I was just looking for you!

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    • In name only. I'm really tech team with admin privileges cause I need to touch that stuff.

  • Congrats!

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