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  • I'm still curious to this day why you chose this username haha

  • It's 4am, I should get some sleep. But here I am editing aesthetics ;( although I know that I might redo it all over again tomorrow :sadr:

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    • I like your Lilac æsthetic, it's beautiful 💜.

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    • Thanks Zura :danceb: (this gif is officially yours lol) . But actually I was editing the aesthetic for HC event that I am competing. Everyone is so creative with their submission makes me feel like I have to step up my game :sweatr:

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    • You did a good job :yesr:

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  • can't access the dm because of a "fatal error" :cryingr:

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    • me too!! I managed to dm you, but then it went error :cryingr:

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    • should probably bring that up in bugs section

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  • I'm playing brainzzz

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    • let's play :lover4: . But why did you play brainzz :whatr:

    • It's fun It's fun

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    • You should teach me because I'm not good at anything using brain :sadr:

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    • Their game is so simple and easy, it's on playstore btw hehe

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    • Oh I have checked them out after you mention it. It's a puzzle and strategy game, I love it. Gonna try them out later. The only game I'm playing currently is among us :happyr:

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  • Thanks for the follow <3

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    • Thank you for the follow back also, I'm Ira btw :happyr:

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    • I know you from the other site, but i was too shy to talk to you :shyr:

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    • Actually I've seen you a few times also in the old forum but I'm too shy :sadr:

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    • I'm glad you decided to follow, you seem so sweet <3

      I see you stan Black Pink which other groups do you like? <3

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    • My ult are Exo ;), Big Bang, Suju, Shinee, Mamamoo, Snsd, slightly NCT, (cause I can't memorize their name yet :sweatr1: ) , IKON, WINNER, basically all the og groups :D . But I do listen and keep up with other group new release as well, but not to extend of stanning them :happyr:. you?

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  • I'm working on my aesthetic. Hold up 🥺

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  • :S

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    • rosie 😭😭😭😭, I'm so late. How are you 😡 and we don't have sig anymore?

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    • sigs are still there + gif pfps + cover photos :omgr:

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    • where are the sig? I can't find it :shyr:

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    • Click on your dp and then you'll find it under "User Account" :giftr:

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    • You are literally a life savior rosie!!!!!!!!! thank you :iloveyoub: . Also, do you know how to insert pic of gif this reply section? I tried to insert but it say sources and link??

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