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  • I’m a star :dancer:

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  • Have you stolen my cat?9e384406c1a86cd776b0d4c7d66a588616a049bd.jpg

    • No, it’s my partner’s cat. Her name is Lightning because of the colours.

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    • I was just making conersation, she looks so much like my Huruca.

  • I reached 1000 reactions today. :claps:

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  • OMG, is this really you? Donghae's lover from Australia? I thought you were gone forever. How have you been?

    PS: If I've mistaken you with someone else my apologies.

    • Yes it’s me. I’ve been gone for a couple of years but heard there was a new forum so thought I’d check it out

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    • Welcome back! Hope you like this one better!

      So how have you been? Were you safe during the fires? And now?

    • I haven’t been too good. My father passed away just before Christmas and I also have to move out of my house so I have a lot going on at the moment.

      As for fires, we had some not far from here but we weren’t in any danger. I’ve seen the damage but a lot of the trees are starting to come back

    • Sorry about your dad. Hope everything settles down and you can find a new place soon and stay safe during this pandemic. I've seen Australia is keeping the numbers low.

      Nice to hear what was burned is coming back to life!

    • Yes, we’re doing a lot better now and restrictions have eased and I’m always ensuring to stay safe with social distancing

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