Lexicons: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Lexicons

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Hello, everyone.

Here are the new guidelines as promised. Below, you'll find a very brief outline of each section for future entries. We encourage you to try to tackle each one, but we know that may not be possible for all groups. For instance, a lexicon entry about a rookie or a group that has not starred in any dramas yet. If the information isn't available, you can skip and move to the next section. These guidelines are brief because they are meant to be flexible.

♣ Lexicon Guidelines ♣

A. Groups

I. Introduction

II. Career

III. Members

Picture of the member

Information about the member


- Date & Place of Birth

- Position in the group

IV. Discography

Album Cover

Title Type Date of Release
V. Videography: Films/Web Series/Drama Series/Variety (Don't post details. Some of these categories can have their own lexicon)
Title Date Network

VI. Trivia

B. Solo Acts

I. Introduction

II. Career

III. Discography

Album Cover

Title Type Date of Release

IV. Videography: Films/Web Series/Drama Series/Variety (Don't post details. Some of these categories can have their own lexicon)

Title Date Network

V. Trivia

C. Albums

I. Introduction

II. Background & Release

III. Tracklist

Title Writer Producer Length

IV. Spotify Playlist

V. Videos (Trailer/Teaser/Official MV/ Live Performance/Dance Practice)

VI. Concept Pictures (only the group pictures)

VII. Reception

- Reviews by critics

- Performance on Korean and international charts/Album sales.

VIII. Awards

Year Ceremony Award

D. Dramas & Movies

I. Introduction

II. Trailer

III. Synopsis

IV. Cast (Main & Supporting)

Names of Actors


- Names in the show and what they do

V. Soundtracks

VI. Reception

- Viewership

- Impact domestically and internationally.

VII. Awards

Year Ceremony Award

E. Actors/Actresses

I. Introduction

II. Filmography

Year Title


III. TV Series

Year Title

Role Network

IV. Variety Shows

Year Title


V. Awards

Year Award Category Nominated Work

VI. Trivia

F. Variety

I. Introduction

II. Episodes

Link of the episode Title Date

Concerning pictures, please use the size you see fit. The size really only matters in tables, where you'll need to make sure that they're 300x300. This is to ensure a good fit. You can use Pixlr to edit/resize your pictures. It's free and easy to use.

Last but not least, some other things to keep in mind:

1. Make it your own - please keep copying/pasting entries from elsewhere to a minimum. Entries with a lot of hyperlinks won't be approved.

2. Though the templates try to ensure formatting consistency, accuracy is just as important. Be sure to denote any rumors and hearsay if included and keep your wording neutral.

3. If an entry contains sections with lots of assets (picture or video), consider using a spoiler to maintain readability.

If you have any feedback, inquiry or suggestion, don't hesitate to drop it in the comments below.


The Content Team :borahae:

Update 1:

The updates the forum had undergone brought some changes to the lexicon.

First, you can now upload an entry and a teaser image for your lexicon.

Edit: it seems that these 2 features can only be seen by staff, so don't worry about them.

Second, for long entries, a page break function has been added. This way, your entry can be a couple of pages instead of one long entry with loads of content.

Last but not least, the edit button doesn't show on mobile. Make sure you proofread thoroughly before you submit on your phones. We're working on fixing this issue.

Poll 1

We'd love your opinions concerning some changes we plan for the albums' section.

As you may have noticed, the album entries are sorted alphabetically, with no way of knowing the artist of said albums unless you check the lexicon. Adding the artists' names as headings in the section isn't possible, since we'll have to re-do the whole thing.

So, we had this idea of editing the entries and adding the name of the artists in the title. This way, the entries will be sorted by the artists' names and finding certain albums by certain groups will be so easy to access.

What do you think? Please, vote in the poll on the thread. We'll make the changes according to the results.