Lexicons: The Long, but Helpful Guide

Wanna get started on making the best possible lexicon entry you can!? OK!


Let's go over some helpful tips & tricks when using the Lexicon editor. Your Content Staff, just-a-melon & quark12395 are here to help if you need it!

Tip #1: Keep Copy/Paste to a minimum

When you are crafting your article, try your best not to copy and paste from other sources for large chunks of information. Now, of course, you're going to have to ctrl + c & ctrl + v a few things (Korean names *cough*), but when making an article, having your own twist is always a plus! We can go anywhere and re-read generic information. The AKP Lexicon though is a collective hive mind of all of us k-pop stans - let's show them the big brain energy we have!

Tip #2: Colors and Lexicon don't mix well

When making a Lexicon entry, please remember that colors, while a pretty and fun addition, can be detrimental to your article, since it will be viewed in many different styles with various background colors. Please keep everything the default color provided when typing your entry. The colors will be changed to the default colors upon approval if not done so. This is not done to take away your creativity, but for an easier reading experience.

Tip #3: Keep text accessible and avoid the rectangle of doom

As with colors above, when making your Lexicon entry, it is important to be mindful of the accessibility of other users, particularly in regards to text since these entries contain a lot of information (hopefully!). On some devices, custom fonts show up as the rectangle of doom (▯) That is not cute and we want to avoid this if at all possible. We do understand, however, adding a fun flare doesn't hurt anyone! If anyone sees any articles with the rectangle of doom or any glitched text - please dm just-a-melon, or quark12395.

This is unfortunately something that Ves cannot control, as it is just a function of the technology.

Tip #4: Include media!

Using a combination of images, videos, and information in your article will make for most thorough, pleasing to the eye entry you can make! This Aespa entry is a perfect example of a well-thought-out and pleasing entry using images as well as information. Please upload/ attach any images you do include if possible instead of hotlinking from other sources. We can better avoid broken images this way and it is courteous not to take other's bandwidth.

Tip #5: Be consistent

Follow a sense of uniformity. Out of order information looks chaotic. Keeping a uniform approach to everything is definitely the way to go. See below for an outlined guide of contents that are key to your article.

Table Of Contents

Please try to keep everything in this order. (Keep in mind the headers will automatically add the roman numerals, no need to add yourself!

Concerts & Tours
Awards & Achievements 
Trivia (aka fun facts)  

Introduction: A brief summary of the group/artists. Here you could include the company they are under, date of formation, etc.

Members: The members of your group, be sure to include tidbits like the Hangul, their real name, date of birth, etc. In the case of a group like Twice, if they have official colors, those can be added here too!

Discography: The album releases and track list of your groups. The table function is helpful for this for a cleaner look.

Concerts & Tours: The concerts and tours your group/artist have held. Below is a table example.

Name Location Date
SHINee World - The Best From Now On Tokyo Dome - Tokyo, Japan February 17 - February 27, 2018

Filmography: Any media your group/artist has appeared in, for the case of BTS, you would include RUN, BTS. And Blackpink, Blackpink house. Appearances on variety such as Knowing Brothers can go here as well.

Awards and Achievements: All awards your group/artist has either won or has been nominated for - tables again will work well here. For achievements, this can be anything that isn't an award show win.

Trivia: Any fun facts that do not fit in the above categories that are worth mentioning - in the case of SHINee, I would put something about how they made a music show limit the number of wins, after multiple with Dream Girl. Interesting things people may not know about your artist!

Tip #6: Tables are your friend

Do not be afraid to use them. The especially make sense in areas like the member section if you have a group with multiple members, as shown by quark12395! Of course, you can choose your preferred layout, but keep this in mind as another option that can potentially provide a more organized look design-wise.


Note: Tables can be a bit intimidating if you're not used to how they work! Ves, quark12395, and just-a-melon are just a DM/Discord Message away! When using tables, please keep in mind the size auto changes with width - using uniform images is a good idea. Tables are so much fun when you can utilize their full potential.



Tip #7: Spoiler tags are just as friendly

On the topic of a more organized look, spoiler tags on long articles can go a long way. When posting multiple videos, spoiler tags can make everything look a bit cleaner! This April Lexicon Entry does a great job of utilizing them for a streamlined look and minimizes the scrolling. It can get quite tedious, especially with groups and artists who have an impressive discography under their belt.

Tip #8: More really is better

When making your entry, try to provide as much information as possible - My SHINee entry, for example, was left like this until I could post this thread, on purpose - so we can see how lackluster the minimal information and lack of images look! Always be mindful of how your article will look to others!




Last but not least, it is most important to make sure the information you are including is as accurate as possible - if you are unsure of something, make sure to look at possible sources, so misinformation is not spread.

As accuracy counts, things NOT to include in Lexicon:

  1. Rumors. Gossip, such as dating and disbandment rumors - can only perpetuate misinformation, and become out of hand quickly.
  2. Scandals. Please do not post scandals that have not been confirmed - it is okay to mention something the group has gone through, but if not provable, it is best to leave it out.
  3. Trash. These entries are open to all but trashing a group just to be 'edgy' isn't cute. Do NOT edit an article just to trash it. You can be warned for this. Don't tempt us!

We aren't here to start drama! Save that for your llama!


We're here to spread the information on our favorite artists!

Helpful Websites

Pixlr = A go-to for quick photo cropping and edits, when you don't have your trusty graphic design suite around!



I know that was a ton of information, and it may seem like a lot to process, but rest assured, we are ALL here to help each other, we don't bite, and will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have!

Happy Lexicon Making!!

By just-a-melon

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