• I. Get To Know G.Soul

    G.Soul (formerly known as Golden) is a South Korean singer-songwriter.

    G.Soul Journey

    In 2001, G.Soul met JYP through an audition show on SBS called 'Prodigy Growth 99%(영재육성 프로젝트 99%)'.

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    Before debuting as a solo artist in South Korea, G.Soul received recognition in the country and some parts of America for being "R. Kelly's protege". He is considered to be JYP's longest trainee, having been trained for 15 years before debuting.

    In a long Twitter post Park Jin-young announced the news of G.Soul long awaited debut in which he detailed meeting the singer when he was a sixth grader in 2001.

    G.Soul, a former JYP Entertainment artist who has been training for 15 years — the longest of any of it’s trainees — will finally see the light of day. The singer debuted with his first mini album “Coming Home” in January 19, 2015.

    Then on June 8, 2017, it was announced that Golden had signed with H1GHR Music following his contract expiration with JYP Entertainment.

    On January 9, 2021, after completing his military enlistment it was revealed that he had also left H1GHR Music following his contract expiration and come January 11, 2021, he announced via Instagram Stories that he would be changing his name back to GSoul.

    II. Music Videos

    III. Discography

    Mini Albums

    • Coming Home (2015)
    • Dirty (2015)
    • Circles (2017)
    • Hate Everything (2019)
    • Can Love Be Fair (2021)

    Digital Singles

    • "You (Acoustic Ver.)" (2015)
    • "Love Me Again" (2015)
    • "Far, Far Away" (2016)
    • "Tequila" (2017)
    • "Bad Habit" (2017)
    • "I'll Be There" (2017)
    • "Another Sad Love Song" (2020)


    • "Smooth Operator" (2016)
    • "Bad" (with LOS & Jay Park) (2017)
    • H1GHR : Red Tape (with Various Artists) (2020)


    • Epik High - "End Of The World" (2021)


    IV. Filmography

    Reality Shows

    • Voice Korea 2020 (Mnet, 2020) - contestant

    V. Social Media