• Stage Name: Elly

    Birth Name: Jung Hae-rim

    Group: WEKI MEKI

    Position: Vocalist

    Birthday: July 20, 1998

    Zodiac Sign: Cancer

    Blood Type: B

    II. Elly Facts

    - Nicknames: Haedong, Taekwon girl, and ookhaedoong.

    - She went to Sanbon High School

    - She can speak Korean aswell as Japanese.

    - Her personality can be described as lively and strong.

    - She can do Taekwondo and other types of martial arts.

    - The amount of lines she gets in title tracks gradually increased over the years.

    - One of her hobbies is listening to music.

    - Her favourite musician is Richard Parkers.

    - Favourite animal: donkey.

    - She originally joined the company Fantagio to become an actress.

    - She is especially close to Yoojung because they have been living as trainees together for a long time.

    - She appeared as a cameo in the Korean web drama “To Be Continued”. (2015)

    - She was a trainee for 3 years before going on Produce 101.

    - Out of all the Weki Meki members she trained the longest.

    - She was the 4th Weki Meki member to be officially introduced.

    - She was a participant of Produce 101. (eliminated in episode 8, she ended on rank 47th)

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)