Seoyeon CSR

  • Stage Name: Seoyeon (서연)
    Birth Name: An Seo Yeon (안서연)
    Birthday: March 26, 2005
    Position: TBA
    Official Color: Orange
    Official Symbol: 🌻
    Nationality: Korean

    II. Career

    2019–present: 05Class & CSR

    Seoyeon became a trainee under J Planet Entertainment sometime in early 2020 and was introduced as one of the original five members of the trainee girl group 05Class. In 2021, 05Class moved to the agency Pop Music. On July 8, 2022, Pop Music confirmed the upcoming debut of 05Class, now known as CSR. Seoyeon was officially confirmed a member of CSR on July 15. She made her official debut with the girl group on July 27, 2022 with the mini album Sequence : 7272.

    III. Seoyeon Fact

    – She is from Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
    – She is a fan of former UNI.T member, NC.A.
    Geumhee, Sua and Seoyeon studied at the same middle school.
    – Her shoe size is 230mm.
    – Her favorite color is pink.
    – Her favorite food is pork belly.
    – Her favorite subjects are Music and Athletics.
    – She thinks Samsung is better in terms of function that iPhone.
    – She thinks Siri is really good at answering.
    – If she could have a power she would choose teleportation.
    – If she would have to choose between washing her face and washing her teeth, she’d choose not washing her face.
    – If she’d have to live with pigeons she’d give up on living.
    – She’d rather have 300mm feet than 30cm hands.
    – She’d prefer having a poop flavoured curry than a curry flavoured poop.
    – She thinks Sua looks really good in high bun style.
    – She prefers the high bun style over double hair buns and double ponytails.
    – She’s the Baby Koala and mood maker of the group.
    – Both Sua and Seoyeon are playing a phone game named “Hamster Village”, but Seoyeon is better at it.

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