NCT Life: Hot & Young Seoul Trip

  • I. Introduction

    NCT Life is an ongoing Korean reality/variety series that follows the members of the boy group, NCT, as they travel, play and perform. The group structure of NCT is unique among K-Pop groups due to the fact that the concept of NCT is an ever expanding group with "unlimited" members and it is comprised of several individual subunits. Currently there are 23 members in NCT, making up four individual subunits.

    Members of all of the sub-units have featured in seasons, although not every member has been featured. Shotaro, Sungchan, Jungwoo from NCT 127and WayV's Xiaojun, Hendery and Yangyanghave never appeared on NCT Life.

    Each season follows a specific theme with recurring or new members, dependent on the theme, such as travel, behind-the-scenes preparations for performances, competitions and games. Some seasons are produced in conjunction with national or local tourism boards and have aired on both conventional and streaming platforms. In early seasons of the show, some featured members may not have yet debuted with NCT or in a permanent sub-unit.

    The series currently has 10 seasons.

    II. Overview

    NCT Life: Hot & Young Seoul Trip follows many of the foreign members of NCT as this visit the sights in Seoul. The name of the season is a reference to the NCT Dream song, "We Young," and its chorus of "We hot, we young." Johnny from NCT 127, who is American and has lived in the city the longest, serves as the group's guide around Seoul. Other members include 127's Yuta (Japan), 127 and Dream's Mark (Canada), as well as three Chinese members Kun, Lucas and 127's Winwin. Members explore Seoul in a season sponsored by the Visit Seoul Tourism Board, including sunset kayaking, a night tour of Seoul and exploring award-winning restaurants.

    NCT Life: Hot & Young Seoul Trip aired on VLive, as well as on the VisitSeoul and SMtown YouTube channels. It aired between July 23-August 17, 2018.

    III. Episode List

    All of this season of NCT Life is currently available on VLive to watch with subtitles, as well as the Visit Seoul and SMtown YouTube channels. Each episode is 15-25 minutes, which is shorter than most NCT Life series.

    Episode Description
    1 Members tour the SM Entertainment Building on the public tour.
    2 Members visit restaurants, including Seongsu-Dong "Korea's Brooklyn", Seoul Forest
    3 Members enjoy water sports on the Han River.
    4 Members try delivery food overlooking the Hangang River.
    5 Members watch the night view of Seoul by the Hangang River, including sunset kayaking.
    6 Members explore Seoul by night, including rooftop clamping.
    7 Members compete at an indoor sports theme park.
    8 Members have a mukbang by tasting Korean food at multiple restaurants.
    9 Members star the N Seoul Tour.
    10 Members visit Namsan Mountain.
    11 Members visit Ikseon-dong and sample restaurants from around the world.
    12 Members take a night tour of Gyeongbokgung Palace.

    IV. NCT Trivia

    - All of the members have debuted in NCT but Kun and Lucas do not have permanent units at the time of this season. Although they have debuted in NCT U, their permanent unit WayV will not be announced until later.

    - Kun has also appeared in a previous season of NCT Life - the second season NCT Life in Seoul. At that time, he had only been in Seoul for 9 months and spoke limited Korean.

    - There are additional foreign-born NCT members at the time who are not on this trip: Ten from NCT U, Renjun and Chenle from NCT Dream. The other foreign-born members are not yet part of NCT (Xiaojun, Hendery, Yangyang, Shotaro).

    - Throughout the series, members talk about the challenges of leaving their homes and living in a foreign country.