Rei (H!bana)

  • Stage Name: Rei (레이 / れい)

    Birth Name: N/A

    Position: Vocalist, Dancer

    Birthday: March 11

    Zodiac Sign: Pisces

    II. Career

    She is a member of H!bana.

    They are a Korean live idol duo, consisting of members Rei and Mashu.

    They’re under the To Hermitage project.

    They had their official live debut on October 11, 2020 on “IDOL ARENA” with “Hibana”.

    III. Rei Facts

    — Her official color is purple.

    — She was a research student (or trainee) for 8 months.

    — Her favorite food is spicy food.

    — Her favorite music is city pop.

    — She likes J-Pop music from 70s-80s.

    — She likes to swim, though she’s not good at it.

    — She likes Japanese idol groups.