• Stage Name: Yellow (노랑)

    Birth Name: Kim Eunbi (김은비)

    Position: Main vocalist,

    Birthday: May 5, 1993

    Zodiac Sign: Taurus

    II. Career

    She is a member of PUNGDENG-E.

    They are a South Korean girl group under DOMA Entertainment consisting of Red, Yellow, and Blue.

    Their concept is that each member uses her own regional satoori (dialect).

    They debuted on December 12, 2013 with the song Al-tang.

    III. Yellow Facts

    -She is from Seoul.

    -She is like the happy virus of the group.

    -Her hobbies are cutting her hair short, playing with her dog, cooking, and doing nail art.

    -She has good stamina.

    -She is easily fooled.

    -Her specialties are writing lyrics, acting, and running.

    -She smiles a lot.

    -She has picked up some of the Daegu and Gwangju dialect of the other members so she speaks in a mix of Seoul dialect, Daegu dialect, and Gwangju dialect.

    -Her favorite things are nature, compliments, dresses, bubble tea, Korean food, and ice cream.

    -She hates mosquitoes and being cold.

    -She wants to try acting.

    -Her role model is Song Hye Kyo.