Shady Girl - Drop the Beat


    Drop the Beat is the opening first track of Sistar's second single, Shady Girl. It is featured by B2K.

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    [Intro: B2K]

    Yeah, You know what it is

    I already, BRAVESOUND

    Sistar Straight up , Korean extraordinaires

    Uh uh uh Second single, Let's go

    [Verse 1: Soyou, Dasom, Hyolyn]

    Hey, DJ don't stop (Turn up da sound)

    Now, let da beat drop (Just make it pound)

    You know we won't stop (We want it now)

    Everybody in here, Let's get loud

    [Hook: All, Hyolyn]

    I don't know (Know) about you (You)

    Sistar's gonna break it down

    Take 1, take 2

    Sistar's in da house

    Yeah, everybody knows my name

    B to the O to the R to the A

    Look at ma jewels and diamond rings

    (So bling, bling) Yeah, I know ya luv dat

    Hotter than da sun, Brighter than da star

    [Verse 2: Bora, B2K]

    내가 Go 하면 가, Stop 하면 서

    Naega go hamyeon ga, stop hamyeon seo

    I'm going, I'll be gone when the DJ stops

    우린 모 아니면 도, 참견말고 내비둬

    Urin mo animyeon do, chamgyeonmalgo naebidwo

    We are an all or nothing, do not leave to one side

    When da beat drops 넌 알겠지, Who’s number 1!

    When da beat drops neon algetji, who's number 1!

    When da beat drops yow know, Who's number 1!