• I. Introduction

    J.Seph is a South Korean rapper-songwriter and producer under DSP Media.

    He is a member of the co-ed group KARD.

    II. Discography

    Other Realeases

    Inferno (feat BM)

    III. Filmography

    Music Video Appaerances

    Rainbow ''Tell Me Tell Me''
    Rainbow ''Sunshine''

    IV. J.Seph Facts

    - J.Seph is from Chungju, Chungcheong province, South Korea.

    - Family: parents, older sister.

    - He trained in DSP Media for five years.

    - He’s the eldest member of KARD.

    - Jseph & BM were planned to debut as a hip-hop duo, but plans were changed.

    - He is considered as the funniest member in KARD.

    - He wants to go into acting (KBS” A Song For You”).

    - He is good at making fire chicken noodles. He also makes good ramyun.
    - He is very sentimental.

    - He can speak English at a proper level.

    - In the group he's closest to BM.

    - J.Seph & BM were in Rainbow’s “Sunshine” MV.

    - He sai these words about his card name in KARD: “The ace can be lowest that support, it’s the highest at sharp