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    I. Introduction

    Yongguk is a South Korean rapper. He was the leader and main rapper of the boy group B.A.P.

    He left the group on August 19, 2018 following the expiration of his contract with TS Entertainment.

    II. Career

    In 2008, he debuted as member of the underground hip-hop group Soul Connection under the stage name 'Jepp Blackman'. He then signed with TS Entertainment and was featured in Song Ji Eun's single ''Going Crazy'' in 2011.
    He released his first single "I Remember" on August 12, 2011 and was part of the sub-unit duo "Bang & Zelo" with fellow labelmate Zelo later that year.

    III. Discography

    Studio Albums

    Bangyongguk 2019


    AM 4:44 2015
    x 2016
    Yamazaki 2017
    Portrait 2018
    Drunkenness 2018

    Digital Singles

    I Remember
    Hikikomori 2019
    Orange Drive


    Bang&Zelo 2011


    Going Crazy (feat Song Ji Eun)
    Sleepy (Body Lotion)


    Coming Home

    IV. Jongguk Facts

    - He was born in Incheon, South Korea. At a young age, he moved for a short time to the coastal Ijak islands of Incheon.

    - Family: Parents, older sister (Natasha), older identical twin brother (Yongnam).

    - Education: Kyunghee Cyber University, Yuhan High School (’08), Gae Woong Middle School.

    - He speaks Korean, Japanese, English and is also learning Spanish.

    - His twin brother, Yongnam has also performed as an underground rock artist.

    - He trained for 6 years in total.

    - Favorite colors: Red and Black.

    - Favorite food: Sushi.

    - He has 5 tattoos. His sister Natasha is a tattoo artist.

    - Hobbies: Writing lyrics, composing music, playing alone.

    - On March 15, 2019, he released his debut solo album “BANGYONGGUK” which was ranked No.9 on Billboard’s World Albums Chart.

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)