Son Ye-jin

  • I. Introduction

    Son Ye-jin (born Son Eon-jin on January 11, 1982) is a South Korean actress. She rose to fame in romance-themed films and television series such as The Classic (2003), Summer Scent (2003), A Moment to Remember (2004), and April Snow (2005). She has won acting recognition for her versatility in diverse genres, notably in Alone in Love (2006), My Wife Got Married (2008), Personal Taste (2010), The Pirates (2014), and the 2016 films The Truth Beneath and The Last Princess. She is also known for her lead roles in romantic dramas such as Something in the Rain (2018) and Crash Landing on You (2019).

    II. Filmography


    Year Title Role
    2000 Secret Tears -
    2002 Chi-hwa-seon So-won
    2002 Lover's Concerto Shim Soo-in/Gyung-hee
    2003 The Classic Ji-hye/Joo-hee
    2003 First Love Rally Ju Il-mae
    2004 A Moment to Remember Kim Su-jin
    2005 April Snow Seo-young
    2005 The Art of Seduction Han Ji-won
    2007 Yobi, the Fice Tailed Fox Yobi (voice)
    2008 Open City Baek Jang-mi
    2008 My Wife Got Married Joo In-ah
    2009 White Night Yoo Mi-ho/Lee Ji-ah
    2011 Spellbound Kang Yeo-ri
    2012 The Tower Seo Yoon-hee
    2013 Blood and Ties Jung Da-eun
    2014 The Pirates Yeo-wol
    2015 Bad Guy Always Die Ji-yeon
    2016 The Truth Beneath Kim Yeon-hong
    2016 The Last Princess Princess Deokhye
    2018 Be with You Im Soo-ah
    2018 The Negotiation Ha Chae-yoon
    2022 Cross Vera

    Television Series:

    Year Title Role Network
    2001 Delicious Proposal Jang Hee-ae MBC
    2002 Sun-hee and Jin-hee Shim Sun-hee MBC
    2002 Great Ambition Choi Dong-hee SBS
    2003 Summer Scent Shim Hye-won KBS2
    2006 Alone in Love Yoo Eun-ho SBS
    2008 Spotlight Seo Woo-jin MBC
    2010 Personal Taste Park Kae-in MBC
    2011 Secret Garden Herself (cameo, episode 20) SBS
    2013 Don't Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus Jo Hae-woo KBS2
    2018 Something in the Rain Yoon Jin-ah JTBC
    2019-2020 Crash Landing on You Yoon Se-ri TVN

    Awards (as of 2021):

    Award Details
    Wins/Nominations 51/72