The K2



    Kim Je-ha is a former mercenary soldier for the PMC Blackstone. While in Iraq, he gets framed for the murder of his lover Raniya, a civilian. As a result, he runs away and becomes a fugitive. He returns to South Korea and by chance, gets offered to work as a bodyguard by Choi Yoo-jin, the owner of JSS Security Company and wife of the presidential candidate, Jang-Se joon. He accepts the job in exchange for resources that he needs in order to get his revenge on another presidential candidate, Park Kwan-soo, who previously ordered the killing of his lover. In the meantime, Je-ha gets assigned to guard Go An-na, the hidden daughter of Jang Se-joon, whose life is always threatened because of Yoo-jin, her stepmother. An-na, who has been reclused and lonely all her life, starts relying on Je-ha, who shows concern for her and protects her at all costs. They slowly fall in love with each other, which makes Je-ha torn between having to work with his ally, Yoo-jin, in order to get his revenge an

    Main cast:
    Actor: Ji Chang-wook
    Playing as: Kim Je-ha

    Actress: Im Yoon-ah
    Playing as: Go Anna

    Actress: Song Yoon-ah
    Playing as: Choi Yoo-jin

    Actor: Jo Sung-ha
    Playing as: Jang Se-joon

    Actor: Kim Kap-soo
    Playing as: Park Kwan-soo

    Supporting cast:

    Lee Jung-jin as Choi Sung-won
    Shin Dong-mi as Kim Dong-mi
    Lee Ye-eun as Jang Mi-ran
    Lee Jae-woo as Kang Sung-gyu
    Lee Chul-min as Park Kwan-soo's aide
    Song Kyung-chul as Song Young-chun
    So Hee-jung as Head of JSS medical team