3RACHA - Carpe Diem

  • 3RACHA - Carpe Diem

    Musical Context

    'Carpe Diem', was officially released on SoundCloud on the 18th of January 2020. Prior to it's official release, 3RACHA had already performed the track at the VHEARTBEAT Awards as a part of Stray Kids' stage. The track 'Carpe Diem' is inspired by the famous Latin phrase meaning 'Seize The Day' in the classic movie 'Dead Poets Society', which explores the tale of boarding school boys rebelling against the rules enforced by their strict headmaster - paralleling the reoccurring theme of breaking the status-quo in Stray Kids' (and 3RACHA's) discography.

    I. Credits + Track

    Production Credits Track
    Lyrics: SPEARB & J.ONE

    Composition: CB97

    Arrangement: CB97
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    불안함에 떨 필요 없잖아 간만에 랩 하러 나왔는데

    I don't have to tremble in anxiousness, right? It's been a while since I came out to rap

    적당한 긴장 상태로 CB형 트렉 위에 MIC Drop 해

    In a proper state of nervousness I'm MIC Dropping onto CB bro's track

    일단 저질러

    Just do it now

    실수도 즐기면 실력이 돼

    If you enjoy your mistakes, it will be your skill

    잡생각 데시벨 낮춘 채로 두 눈앞의 목표를 겨눠 Bang!

    Along with lowering the decibel of miscellaneous thoughts, I aim for the target in front of my eyes, bang!

    지금 아니면 누가 보장해주냐 시간을 그러니까 그냥 맘대로 즐겨라 더

    Now or never, who's gonna guarantee our time? That's why we just gotta enjoy ourselves more

    내일의 내 일은 내일의 내 일이지 Just do it 하라고 그냥 맘대로 Bro

    What to do tomorrow, leave it for tomorrow, just do it, just do whatever you want bro

    Be me 취미 TV를 보든지 그저 지금에 충실해지자

    Be me, doing hobbies, or just watching TV, let's just enjoy this moment

    일상에서 벗어나 현실을 뒤집어서
    Escape from your daily life, turn the reality upside down and see

    그제서야 비로소 보이는 내면의 Peace brrah
    Only then can we see our inner peace

    카르페 디엠 일단 진탕 놀아버려

    Carpe diem, let's play hard for now

    Who cares, go back 오늘만 사는 것처럼
    Who cares, go back, as if we only live for today

    상관없이 Do it
    No matter what do it

    끌리는 대로 분위기에 번지 brrah
    Bungee in the mood as you're attracted to

    무의식에 따라 흘러가 시간에 쫓기듯 살지 않아
    It's flowing according to your unconscious mind, don't live as if you're pressed for time

    실패라도 난 전진

    Even if I fail, I'll keep going forward


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