Summer Magic

  • I. Introduction

    Red Velvet released its seventh extended play (EP) and second special summer release, Summer Magic, on August 6, 2018. The EP featured 7 songs that reflect a portion of Red Velvet's unique musical approach. It typically includes a blend of "red" (primarily bright pop) and "velvet" (more r&b and ballads) songs. However, this EP, marketed as a special summer release, featured primarily "red" songs. The iTunes release also included a special podcast audio track "Red Radio." The album was released physically in 6 versions, with a standard version and a special version for each member.

    II. Commercial Performance

    The EP and its lead track debuted at the top of all of the Korean music charts, achieving a "perfect all-kill," including the Gaon Album, Gaon Digital and Gaon Download Chart. All of the EP's songs charted in the Digital Chart except the English version of "Bad Boy". All the tracks charted on the Gaon Download Chart. Red Velvet also had its best US sales, debuting at #3 on the Billboard World Albums and Top Heatseekers Album Charts. It also charted at #21 on the Digital Albums and #91 on the Top Album Sales chart. The album also charted in France, the UK, Australia and Japan.

    III. Promotional Videos

    Promotional Singles

    Title Style Release Date
    Power Up Red August 6, 2018

    IV. Music Video

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    V. Tracklist

    Title Style Lyrics Music Arrangements
    Power Up Red Kenzie Jonatan Gusmark (Moonshine), Ludvig Evers (Moonshine), Cazzi Opeia (Sunshine), Ellen Berg Tollbom (Sunshine) Moonshine
    With You Velvet Jeon Ji-eun (January 8th (lalala Studio), Hwang Seon-jeong (January 8th (lalala Studio), Baek Geum-min (Song Carat), Lee Soo-jung (Song Carat) Nermin Harmanbasic, Anne Judith Wik, Jin Suk Choi, Hugo Solis, Gionata Caracciolo (Gabesco) Dsign Music, Hugo Solis
    Mr. E Red Kenzie Sebastian Lundberg (Trinity Music), Fredrik Haggstam (Trinity Music), Johan Gustafsson (Trinity Music), Courtney Woolsey Trinity Music
    Mosquito Red Seo Ji-eum Teddy Riley (Red Rocket), Dominique "DOM" Rodriguez (Red Rocket), Lee Hyun-seung (Red Rocket), Daniel "Obi" Klein, Ylva Dimberg (The Kennel) Red Rocket
    Hit That Drum Red Misfit Ronny Svendsen, Nermin Harambasic, Anne Judith Wik, Blair MacKichan Dsign Music, Black MacKichan
    Blue Lemonade Red Seo Ji-eum Lee Joo-hyoung (MonoTree), NOPARI (MonoTree), Cazzi Opeia (Sunshine) MonoTree
    Bad Boy (English Version) bonus track Velvet Whitney Phillips The Stereotypes, Maxx Song (Command Freaks), Whitney Phillips, Yoo Young-jin The Stereotypes