• I. Introduction

    Red Velvet released its fourth extended play (EP), Rookie, on February 1, 2017. The EP featured 6 songs that reflect Red Velvet's unique musical approach: a combination of "red" (primarily bright pop) and "velvet" (more r&b and ballads) songs. It was released in five different version of each cover, featuring a different member.

    II. Commercial Performance

    The EP debuted at the top of the Gaon Album Chart in Korea and the U.S. Billboard World Albums chart. Additionally it reached #21 on Billboard's Heatseekers Album Chart and #43 on the Japanese Oricon Albums Charts. All of the songs charted on the Gaon Singles Chart, with the lead single "Rookie" reaching #3.

    III. Promotional Videos

    IV. Promotional Single

    Title Style Release Date
    Rookie Red February 1, 2017

    V. Music Video

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    VI. Tracklist

    Title Style Lyrics Song Arrangement
    Rookie Red Jo Yoon-kyung Jamil "Digi" Chammas, Leven Kali, Sara Forsberg, Karl "KP" Powell (The Colleagues), Harrison Johnson (The Colleagues), MZMC, Otha "Vakseen" Davis III, Jeremy "Tay" Jasper The Colleagues, Jamil "Digi" Chammas
    Little Little Velvet JQ (Makuemine Works), Jo Min-yang (lalala Studio), Park Seong-hee Gifty Dankwah, Bruce Fielder Gifty Dankwah, Bruce Fielder
    Happily Ever After Red Baek Geu-min (Song Carat), Lee Soo-jung (Song Carat) Sebastian Lundberg (Trinity Music), Fredrik Haggstam (Trinity Music), Johan Gustafsson (Trinity Music), Courtney Woolsey, Deez Trinity Music, Courtney Woolsey, Deez
    Talk to Me Velvet Lee Seu-ran Kervens Mazile, Annalise Morelli (LYRE), Alina Smith (LYRE), Mats Ymell Kervens Mazile, LYRE, Mats Ymell
    Body Talk Velvet Misfit, Jo Yoon-kyung Sebastian Lundberg (Trinity Music), Fredrik Haggstam (Trinity Music), Johan Gustafsson (Trinity Music), Ylva Dimberg (The Kennel) Trinity Music, Ylva Dimberg (The Kennel)
    Last Love Velvet John Hyunkyu Lee Park Geun-tae Don Spike