Love Shot

  • I. Introduction

    Love Shot is the repackage of EXO fifth studio album Don't Mess Up My Tempo.
    It was released on December 13, 2018 and includes four new tracks: "Love Shot" in both Korean and Chinese versions, "Trauma", and "Wait".

    The physical release comes in two versions: Love and Shot.

    On international digital platforms, the repackage was released as a four-track EP.

    II. Music and Singles

    Love Shot features four new songs, including the title track "Love Shot" produced by Rice N' Peas, which is described as a pop dance track that features a memorably addictive chorus and heavy 808 bass.

    Mike Woods stated that the song was created in January 2017, and stated that him and the other composers MZMC, Bazzi ,Kevin White and Anthony Russo, "wanted something that was very, very performance-driven, very dance-driven something that would sound good loud and in an arena.

    Members Chen and Chanyeol participated in writing the lyrics that talk about hoping to be together and rediscover the meaning of true love, which seems to be disappearing more and more from a dreary world.

    "Trauma" is an upbeat pop dance song with lyrics expressing the intention to overcome the pain one feels.

    "Wait" is described as an R&B ballad with an acoustic guitar melody and harmonizes with the members' vocals.

    III. Promotion

    Exo had their first music show performance for the lead single of the repackaged album on December 14.

    One day later, the group held a fansign in Seocho at the White Wave Art Center.

    On December 20, EXO held a fan event called 0xFESTA by SK Telecom where they performed "Tempo", "24/7", "Love Shot", and "Wait".

    The last fansign for Love Shot was held in Samseong-dong on December 21.

    IV. Commercial Performance

    The repackaged album debuted at number one on the Gaon Album Chart for the week of December 15, 2018.

    Additionally, it peaked at number 8 on the Billboard World Albums Chart and number 3 on the Oricon Chart in Japan.
    In February, the album received a Double Platinum KMCA certification and the repackage album sold more than 513k copies.

    V. Tracklist

    1. Love Shot

    2. Love Shot (chinese version)

    3. Trauma

    4. Wait

    VI. MV and Album Tracks