Find Me If You Can

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    I. Introduction

    Find Me If You Can is a mystery, romance-thriller drama about a four-way love affair centering Sun Jung, and her mission to find out who has been stalking her. It starred Park Bo Yeon, ASTRO’s MJ and Rocky, and Han Gi Chan as the leads. The project is released by G-Market Global Shop from Nov 9 to Dec 4, 2021 on every Tuesday & Saturday. All of the 8 episodes can be viewed on the official YouTube channel INSSAOPPA G, with subtitles in various languages for international viewers.

    II. Synopsis

    Sun Jung is caught in the middle of three men confessing to her; her lively long trusted friend, Seol Yoo Hwan, the ex-boyfriend, who is trying to get back together with her, and acting star, Choi Jung Sang, who boldly pursues whatever he wants. On top of all that, Sun Jung is starting to receive a couple of suspicious messages making her question, who is the one watching her.

    III. Teaser

    IV. Episodes

    V. Reception

    The webdrama Find Me If You Can has received 7.7 on Mydramalist.