1 Billion Views

  • I. Introduction

    1 Billion Views is the first studio album by EXO-SC.
    It was released on July 13,2020 and and features nine tracks.

    To promote the album, "Telephone" was released as a pre-release single on July 7, 2020, while 1 Billion Views served as the second single on July 13, 2020.

    II. Music and Composition

    The album opens with "1 Billion Views", a trendy hip hop song with a funky guitar sound and addictive disco rhythm. Featuring fellow singer Moon, the song finds the duo "wanting to see one's loved one" by playing their video repeatedly. The second track "Say It", featuring Penomeco (who also co-wrote the lyrics), is described as a hip hop song that combines a heavy 808 base and bossa nova rhythm in order to "feel the summer vibe''.

    "Telephone", featuring 10cm , is described as hip hop song with a cheerful piano riff and a heavy bass beat.

    "Fly away", featuring Gaeko who also participated in composing the song, is described as an r&b hip-hop song based on sentimental lyrical band sounds."Nothin'", Chanyeol's solo song, in which he participated in both writing and composing, is described as a hip hop R&B song with a harmony between the dreamy vibe electric guitar sounds and the heavy beats. The lyrics are about one's determination to go on their own way silently and without paying attention to the surroundings.

    "On Me", Sehun's solo, in which he participated in both writing and composing, is described as a trap hip hop song with a rhythmical bass & strong synthesizer. The lyrics contain a message of "I'll do my best in every present moment".

    "Rodeo Station" is a hip hop song which combines simple guitar riffs and casual beats. In the lyrics, Sehun and Chanyeol look back on their past and present lives and recalling the scenery around Apgujeong Rodeo Station during their trainee days.

    "Jet Lag" is a charming R&B hip hop song with a lyrical guitar performance with lyrics about the main character who's in a relationship where they can't meet their loved one easily, and both parts feel like their love is growing apart because of the time they spend away from each other.

    III. Commercial Performance

    The album debuted at number one on the Gaon Album Chart and was the duo's first top-ten entry on the Oricon Albums Chart peaking at number ten in its first week.

    The album also sold a total of 526k copies.

    IV. Tracklist

    1. 1 Billion Views

    2. Say It

    3. Rodeo Station

    4. Telephone

    5. Jet Lag

    6. Fly Away

    7. Nothin

    8. On Me

    9. 1 Billion Views (instrumental)

    V. MV and Album Tracks