• I. Introduction

    Delight is the second mini album by Baekhyun, released on May 25, 2020 and features 7 tracks with Candy serving as the album's title track.

    The album is available in four versions: Cinnamon, Honey, Mint and Chemistry released later on June 29.

    The album sold over 1 million copies making it the first album by a South Korean soloist to do so in 19 years.

    II. Music and Composition

    On May 13, the album's notable producers were revealed, consisting of South Korean producer Kenzie and American producers Mike Daley, Omega Deez and Colde.

    Delight features seven songs of different R&B subgenres.

    Candy is described as a future R&B song with addictive synth instrumentation and a trendy melody. Lyrically, it expresses Baekhyun's colourful charms like various tastes of candy including cinnamon, mint, strawberry and bubble gum. It was written by Kenzie while production was handled by Mike Daley, Mitchell Owens, DEEZA and Adrian McKinnon with additional arrangement by Yoo Yeong-jin.
    "R U Ridin'?" is an urban R&B hip hop song with a chill trap based instrumentation and melody with love-whispering lyrics that make you feel like you're driving through the downtown of a city. The third track "Bungee" is a mid-tempo R&B song with a piano melody. The lyrics are a metaphor for falling in love and swimming in the sea. "Poppin'" is characterized as an urban R&B hip hop song, with lyrics expressing the overwhelming feelings of happiness that burst out while in love. "Underwater" is a dreamy mid-tempo R&B song with lyrics about the feeling of ones heart submerged in an ocean of sadness after losing someone they loved, while "Ghost" is described as an alternative R&B song featuring lyrics about comparing a lover to a ghost in order to endure the hardships of separation from them. The last song "Love Again" is a lyrical contemporary R&B song with lyrics about longing to love a partner once more at the end of a relationship.

    III. Commercial Performance

    On May 25, it was reported that the pre-order sales of Delight had surpassed 732,297, making it the most pre-ordered album by a soloist in South Korean history.
    After its release, the album began claiming number one iTunes positions in 70 countries total, while also sweeping various domestic album charts.
    Delight went on to debut on number 1 on Gaon Album Chart for the week of May 30, 2020, becoming his second chart-topper. It eventually became the top-selling album of May 2020 on Gaon Album Chart with a total of 660,000 sales. Upon the release of the Chemistry version, the album spent a second week atop the chart.

    In June, Delight surpassed 971,000 cumulative sales, thus making Baekhyun the first soloist to qualify for a Triple Platinum KMCA certification.

    On July 1, it was announced that the album had surpassed 1 million sales.Delight was also certified Diamond for surpassing 250,000 sales on QQ Music, making it the fastest and first Korean EP to reach this milestone in 2020.

    IV. Tracklist

    1. Candy

    2. R U Ridin'

    3. Bungee

    4. Underwater

    5. Poppin'

    6. Ghost

    7. Love Again

    V. MV and Album Tracks