Neo Zone

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    I. Introduction

    Neo Zone is the second full album from the permanent NCT sub-unit, NCT 127. It was released on March 6, 2020. The album contains 13 songs primarily in Korean and came in 3 versions: N, C and T, which is also the digital version.

    II. Commercial Performance

    The album debuted on top of the Gaon Album Chart in Korea, while also earning the group its first top five entry on the U.S. Billboard 100. It also became the group's first release to receive a multi-Platinum KMCA certification. It also debuted at #1 on iTunes in 33 countries and on the U.S. Billboard World Albums Chart. By the end of the year, Neo Zone was the 13th best selling physical release in the US and 8th in Korea. It also reached #3 on the Japanese Oricon charts and #26 on Canadian Digital Album Chart.

    The lead single "Kick It" became the first top 30 entry and longest chart performance on the Gaon Digital Chart. To support the launch, the group intended to tour, but was postponed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 127 did become the first K-pop act to perform at Houston Livestock and Rodeo, an event that has hosted top tier talent such as Beyonce and Ariana Grande.

    III. Promotional Videos

    IV. Promoted Singles

    Title Release Date
    "Dreams Come True" January 27, 2020
    "Kick It" March 6, 2020

    V. Music Videos and Dance Practices

    VI. Tracklist

    Title Lyrics Music Arrangement
    "Elevator (127F)" Cheon Song-yi (Joombas) Sylvester "Sly" Willy Siversten (Makeumine Works), Max "Wolfgang" McElligott, Shae Jacobs Sylvester "Sly" Willy Siversten (Makeumine Works), Max "Wolfgang" McElligott, Shae Jacobs
    "Kick It" Wutan, Rick Bridges, danke (lalala Studio) Dem Jointz, Mayila Jones, Ronde "Chikk" Bell, Deez, Ryan S. Jhun, Yoo Young-jin Dem Jointz, Deez, Yoo Young-jin
    "Boom" See Ji-eum Kevin White (Rice N' Peas), Michael Woods (Rice N' Peas), Andrew Bazzi (Rice N' Peas), MZMC Rice N' Peas
    "Pandora's Box" JQ (MakeumineWorks),KimHye-ji (Makeumine Works), Taeyong, Mark, Johnny Erik Lidbom Erik Lidbom
    "Day Dream" Hwang Yoo-bin Ian Jeffrey Thomas (NOPROMO Co), Hannah Wilson, Ariowa Irosogie, Andrew Beckner NOPROMO Co
    "Interlude: Neo Zone" SQUAR (BLUR) SQUAR (BLUR)
    "Mad Dog" Kim Boo-min, Taeyong, Mark Hitchhiker, Charles "Chizzy" Stephens III, John Fulford III, Christopher Newland Hitchhiker
    "Sit Down!" Hwang Yoo-bin, Tommy $trate Harvey Mason Jr., Dewain Whitmore, Patrick "J. Que" Smith, Britt Burton Harvey Mason Jr., Kevin Randolph
    "Love Me Now" Le'mon (Joombas), Rick Bridges Mike Daley, Mitchell Owens, Deez, Wilbart "Vedo" McCoy III Mike Daley, Mitchell Owens
    "Love Song" Seo Ji-eum, Taeyong, Mark, Johnny The Stereotypes, Deez, Bianca "Blush" Atterberry The Stereotypes, Deez
    "White Night" Ji Yu-ri, JQ (Makeumine Works), Kim Hye-jung (Makeumine Works) Kenzie, Harvey Mason Jr., Kevin Randolph, Dewain Whitmore, Ester Na (The Wildcardz), Sadie Currey (The Wildcardz) Harvey Mason Jr, Kevin Randolph
    "Not Alone" Jo Yoon-kyung Nicki Adamsson, Michael Matosic, Michelle Elaine Buzz Nicki Adamsson
    "Dreams Come True" Kim Woo-jung, Lee Chang-hyuk, Jeon Ji-eun (january 8th (lalalala Studio)), Kim Jeong-mi (January 8th (lalalala Studio)), Min Yeon-jae (lalalala Studio), Lee Hyo-jae (lalala Studio), Cheon Song-yi (Joombas) LDN Noise, Deez, Bobii Lewis LDN Noise