B.I- Waterfall

  • I. Introduction

    Waterfall is the debut studio album by B.I. It was released on June 1, 2021.

    II. Background

    The album which was written by B.I. tells the story of B.I's year after leaving his former group Ikon and his hiatus.

    Waterfall is B.I's second donation project where all of the revenue made from copyright fees, music and album sales, and content is donated to the emergency relief of "Basic for Girls". "Basic for Girls" wants to improve the poor environment, such as the construction of women's restrooms for women's human rights in Zambia, Africa, and support for sanitary napkins

    III. Track List

    Waterfall B.I B.I, CHOICE37,HAE 2:45
    *illa illa B.I B.I, MILLENNIUM, SIHWANG,Kang Uk-jin, Diggy 3:25
    Daydream B.I B.I, SAINT LEONARD 3:14
    Numb B.I B.I, STALLY, Basecamp 3:46
    Illusion B.I B.I, JFKid 3:18
    Flow away B.I B.I, MILLENNIUM 3:44
    Help me B.I B.I, MILLENNIUM, SIHWANG 3:20
    Remember me B.I B.I, MILLENNIUM 3:39
    STAY B.I
    B.I, CHOICE37,HAE 2:56
    GRAY B.I B.I, Kang Uk-Jin, Diggy, EDDY 3:22
    Then B.I B.I, PADI 3:11
    Re-birth B.I B.I, MILLENNIUM, SIHWANG 3:23

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    V. Videos

    VI. Concept Pictures