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    Arai Ayaka (新井彩香) is a Japanese singer and member of NiziU under JYP Entertainment.

    She ranked 8th in the 2020 survival show Nizi Project and became part of the final lineup of the winning group, NiziU


    Stage Name: Ayaka (あやか/アヤカ - 아야카)

    Birth Name: Arai Ayaka (新井彩香/あらい あやか)

    Probable Position: Visual / Sub-Vocalist

    Birthday: June 20, 2003

    Zodiac Sign: Gemini

    Chinese Zodiac Sign: Goat

    Height: 168 cm

    Nationality: Japanese

    Blood Type: A

    Official Color: Purple

    I. Music Video Appearances

    Stray Kids - Back Door (2020)

    Stray Kids - God’s Menu (2020)

    NiziU - Make you happy (2020)

    NiziU - Step and a step (2020)

    NiziU - Take a Picture (2021)

    NiziU - Poppin' Shakin' (2021)