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    I. Introduction:

    MustB (머스트비) is a five-member boy group under MustM Entertainment consisting of:

    Doha, Taegeon, Wooyeon, Soohyun, and Sihoo.

    They held their debut showcase on January 21, 2019 and released their first single "I Want U" on January 30.

    MustB was involved in a car accident. Following the car accident Hawoon and Sangwoo both left the group.

    Taegeon was a former member of M.Crown and Challenger.

    Soohyun was a pre-debut member of LUCENTE under the name Xi.N.

    Sangwoo was a former member of PUREBOY, BLAST, Underdog, and Hi5 (the latter three under the name Kain).

    Doha was a former member of Underdog and Hi5 under the name Baekjin.

    Hawoon was a former member of Challenger and NewTownBoyz.

    II. History:

    Apr 20, 2019

    by S. Nam

    Seven-member idol group MustB was involved in a car accident.

    On April 21 at 3:40 a.m. KST on Seoul’s Olympic-daero (eight-lane highway in Seoul), midway between bridges Seoulgyo and Yeouigyo in the direction of Jamsil, MustB’s van hit a guard rail next to the road.

    The group’s manager Son (aged 36), who was driving during the accident, was seriously injured and transferred to Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital. Unfortunately, Son passed away.

    MustB was on their way back to their dorm in Seoul after performing in Daegu when the accident occurred. Four members of the group and one other employee from their agency were riding in the car, and they received treatment at the hospital after sustaining minor injuries. The remaining members of the group had already gotten out of the car before the accident happened.

    The police are currently inspecting the car’s black box and questioning the group members to figure out the details of the accident. They are also checking the possibility that the accident occurred due to drowsy driving.

    We send our deepest condolences to the manager’s family and friends.

    MustM Entertainment Will Debut One Of The First Non-Asian Men In K-Pop, Here’s What We Know:

    According to the company, he goes by the name Daon (다온), and he was born on November 4, 1995.

    Originally from America, he trained under various entertainment companies before finally settling on MustM Entertainment.

    Fans are usually wary of foreigners who go into K-Pop without having even mastered Korean. Daon, however, is said to be fluent in the language, having resided in Korea for over six years.

    Not only does he have the looks, he apparently also has the talent! His company revealed that one of his many talents is songwriting, but it doesn’t end there.

    MustM Entertainment, the agency of the band MustB and the artists NUVO and Oirum revealed they’re going to debut an American named Daon.

    They said:

    We want to announce our plans to debut one of the first non-Asian male idols in K-pop.

    Our apprentice is named Daon and he is from America. He has lived in Korea for 6 years. He has many years of experience as an idol trainee in various companies and thus has advanced fluency in the Korean language, culture, and an understanding of idol life and expectations.

    While training in various companies, Daon also has experience working as a songwriter in Korea, so he has various charms that he will be able to show in the future.”

    And they added:

    We look forward to their debut which is being planned for early next year along with a comeback of MustB and also new music projects, groups and opportunities that are being planned and in the works within our company.

    With these new plans, we are working hard to come back with an even stronger, new and improved MustB and MustM Entertainment. We hope you look forward to and show a lot of interest in our trainee Daon’s debut and also the upcoming MustB activities and his new and better image.”

    III. Members:

    Sihoo (시후) Lead vocalist, main dancer, maknae Color: Purple 2019–present

    Taegeon (태건) Main rapper Color: Blue 2019–present

    Soohyun (수현) Vocalist, lead rapper Color: Orange 2019–present

    Doha (도하) Main vocalist Color: Green 2019–present

    Wooyeon (우연) Lead vocalist Color: Indigo 2019–present

    IV. Discography:

    Mini albums

    Let Me Rise Again (2020)

    Digital singles

    "I Want U" (2019)

    Participation releases

    2019 Korea Music Video Contest ("Diamond") (2019)