• Rainbow in a 2016 promotional picture for Prism

    I. History

    The now-disbanded South Korean girl group Rainbow debuted under DSP Media in 2009 with the mini album Gossip Girl and the title track with the same title - a year later, in 2010, the group came back with two singles: A and Mach. Two more Rainbow mini albums - So Girls and Sweet Dream - were released in 2011, the same year in which the group entered the Japanese market with a Japanese-language version of A. A subunit of Rainbow, Rainbow Pixie, debuted in January 2012 with the single Hoi Hoi - two whole-group full albums, both of which were part of the Rainbow Syndrome album duology, were released in the next year.

    In 2014, another Rainbow subunit - Blaxx - debuted with "Cha Cha", and in 2015, another whole-group mini album was released, this time with the title of Innocent and the title track being "Black Swan". The group's last comeback before disbanding in 2016, Prism, featured the retro-concept title track of "Whoo" - however, Rainbow reunited in 2019 to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

    II. Discography

    III. South Korean full albums

    1. Rainbow Syndrome Part 1 (2013)
    2. Rainbow Syndrome Part 2 (2013)

    IIII. South Korean mini albums

    1. Gossip Girl (2009)
    2. So Girls (2011)
    3. Sweet Dream (2011)
    4. Innocent (2015)
    5. Prism (2016)

    IIIII. South Korean singles

    1. A (2010)
    2. Mach (2010)
    3. Over the Rainbow (2019)

    IIIV. Japanese full albums

    1. Over the Rainbow (2012)

    IIV. Subunit releases

    1. Hoi Hoi (Pixie, 2012, single)
    2. RB BLAXX (Blaxx, 2014, mini album)