• I. Introduction

    Suhyun is the leader and a vocalist of MINIMANI. She is also a former member of Walwari, May Queen, FLASHE, and Delight.

    II. Career

    In October 2013, Soohyun joined the group Delight under the stage name SooA. She joined the group after they debuted, and made her official debut with the group with the release of their second mini album School Bell's ringing. After this release, she left the group a year later for unknown reasons.

    In 2017, she joined FLASHE, but she left the group before the release of FLASHE Season Album, thus never made her official debut with the group.

    In 2019, she joined co-ed group Walwari, and debuted with the group on May 13 for the release of their fifth digital single Oppa is Cheating. However, Walwari has not released any new songs after this, so they are presumed to be disbanded or inactive. But Suhyun herself has left the group as she joined CMG Stars to be a trainee later.

    Suhyun competed in the reality show Trot Contest in November 20, but was eliminated in episode 6.

    CMG Stars announced that Suhyun would be a member and leader of their girl group MINIMANI on November 26, 2020. The group debuted on June 2, 2021 by releasing their first digital single Stop.

    III. Videography


    Title Date Aired
    Trot Contest
    2020-2021 KBS 2TV

    IV. Trivia

    • She has gone to art high school

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