• Stage Name: Soul
    Birth Name: Haku Shota

    Group: P1HARMONY
    Position: Rapper, Dancer

    Birthday: February 1st, 2005

    Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

    II. Career

    I. Pre-debut

    Soul joined FNC Entertainment in 2018. In November of the same year, he appeared alongside other trainees from the company on KBOYS Youtube Channel hosted by Uehara Ichika.

    In 2019, Soul, his fellow P1Harmony members (as trainees at the time), some FNC’s artists and employees traveled to Mongolia on the "LOVE FNC 5th Volunteer Team", as part of FNC Entertainment's charity program.

    II. 2020: Debut with P1Harmony

    On September 4, 2020, Soul was introduced as the fifth member of P1HARMONY.

    III. Soul Facts

    – He was the fifth member to be revealed.

    – He was born in Japan, but he is half Korean (father) and half Japanese (mother).

    – He is good at creating choreography.

    – His name ‘Shota’ means ‘a child with pure soul’.

    – Hobbies: Playing games and collecting Jordans.

    – Specialty: Dance and hiphop.

    – Personality: Quiet and likes to be alone. Jongseob said, “He’s usually quiet but when he starts talking, he talks a lot”.

    – He wanted to become a singer because he likes to see people’s smiling faces on stage, and wants to be like TEEN TOP and B.A.P.

    – He got to know K-Pop artists through his mom who introduced TEEN TOP to him and his dad who introduced B.A.P at the same time.

    – His memorable audition song is ‘Yanghwa Bridge’ by Zion.T.

    – His currently fave song is ‘Floods’ by Lucky Daye.

    – His dream is to enjoy with fans.

    – His favorite musicians are 6lack and BIG BANG’s Taeyang.

    – His favorite fashion items are jeans, watches, rings, and Jordans.

    – His favorite foods are kimchi stew, sushi, and McDonald’s.

    – He wants to be a great person who live up to expectations.

    – His favorite part of his face is his nose.