• Stage Name: Minpyo
    Birth Name: Gook Min Pyo

    Group: B.I.G (former member)
    Position: Main Rapper

    Birthday: November 15th, 1994

    Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

    II. Career

    He was the main rapper of the boy group B.I.G.

    On March 31, 2021, it was announced that Minpyo had decided not to renew his contract with the company and had left B.I.G.

    III. Minpyo Facts

    – He was born in Gwangju-si, South Korea.

    – He has a younger brother.

    – He attended Joy Dance & Plug In Music Academy in Gwangju.

    – His nickname is “Child Adult”.

    – Personality: sweet unless being naughty.

    – He says his eyes are both his complex & his charm point.

    – He & GunMin have been friends since when they used to live in Gwangju.

    – He makes a lot of noise when he sleeps. According to J-Hoon, it’s to the extent that he had to kick MinPyo out of their room because he wasn’t able to sleep.

    – His specialty is rapping.

    – He did a variety of part time jobs prior to his debut including being a waiter at a rice noodle restaurant, washing dishes at a few buffet restaurants & working at construction & demolition sites.

    – His favorite food is meat.

    – His hobbies are illustrations, drawing, traveling.

    – Minpyo was a part of a web drama called “My Melody” (2018).

    – Minpyo had health issues, so he couldn’t promote with the others while “1.2.3”, but he returned for “Hello Hello” promotions.