• Stage Name: J-Hoon
    Birth Name: Im Jung Hoon

    Group: B.I.G and Triple 7
    Position: Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist

    Birthday: July 15th, 1990

    Zodiac Sign: Cancer

    II. Career

    He is a member of the boy group B.I.G and also part of the co-ed group Triple 7 under GH Entertainment.

    III. J-Hoon Facts

    – He was born in Seoul, South Korea.

    – His stage name comes from a shortening of his real name JungHoon.

    – He was the former Leader. The change was made after he returned from the army.

    – His nickname is Duck.

    – J-Hoon has been practicing various forms of street dance ever since he was in middle school.

    – He is very talkative.

    – He eats a lot.

    – His favorite food is meat.

    – His favorite beverage is coffee, in particular, iced vanilla lattes. (He’s so addicted that he says he has to drink at least two cups a day to function.)

    – J-Hoon has a fear of heights.

    – He used to be really good at inline skating when he was in elementary school. He was even scouted to by a coach who offered to train him.

    – Prior to debut, he had experience working at street dance academy where he taught kids the popping genre & also did part time jobs at a couple of cafes & a movie theater.

    – His hobby is street dancing.

    – J-Hoon and Heedo both acted in web drama “Idol Protect the World” (2015).

    – On November 15, 2018, J-Hoon enlisted into the military, he got discharged on September 19, 2020.